5 comments on “Cheating Jewel Mania by TeamLava Games on Rooted Android, Jelly Bean 4.2.2

  1. Thanks so much for your video. It really helped. But unfortunately it worked only with coins. I couldn’t figure out how you did with the gold? Didn’t understand the part with the HEX calculator. Can you please explain in more details.
    Thanks again.

  2. Dear Dipanjan,
    Thank you for such a quick reply, but unfortunately it’s not working with gold. It only works with coins. It doesn’t add the HEX address for the gold.
    I did everything as you described above.
    I’ve tried as much as possible…..but no sucess 🙁

    The version of the game is
    The phone is definately rooted
    The version of the Game Killer is 1.90 and pached to a registered version.
    I’ve used the free version of the RealCalc from the Market

    I really don’t understand what is the problem

    Please find a solution 🙂

    • Hi Eldar,

      It seems that Team has become smarter in the recent version of the game. Earlier coin and gold variables were located at a fixed offset apart, but in the present version, the offset is randomized. Don’t worry. The good news is, we should still be able to it. I tried thrice with success every time.

      For the coin part, do as directed above. Trickier is the gold part. Let me provide you with a few numbers and try searching a recurrent pattern out of that.

      First Try: Gold = 0x619CBA84, Coin = 0x618E0DFC, Offset = 0xEAC88
      Second Try: Gold = 0x6184C80C, Coin = 617B23CC, Offset = 0x9A440
      Third Try: Gold = 0x6184C87C, Coin = 0x617B1474, Offset = 0x9B408

      Please note that the third Most Significant Digit (i.e. third digit from the left) of memory address for Gold variable is one higher than that of Coin variable. That’s it.

      Now we have got the clue. Finding Coin address is relatively easier. Once we get hold of that address, try searching the Gold value. But, this time search it as a WORD sized variable and type in the four digits as you can see in Gold count of the game. Therefore, in the first case, as you know that the Coin variable resides at 0x618E0DFC and let’s say the gold count at the moment is 0025, search for an WORD sized variable in the range 0x619?????. There can be hundreds of values in the list. But, you can easily trim it down to a few which satisfies the constraint above. So, there lies you Gold ‘mine’ indeed.

      Good luck and happy hacking!

      • Hi Dipanjan,
        After several unsuccessful tries I gave up and decided to do my way.
        You know that Team offers to install some other games in exchange for gold, so I did like this:
        1) Before installing I seached for the gold amount in Game Killer (DWORD) it gave me loads of values…not a problem
        2) Then I’ve installed the game, so the amount of gold increased and I searched again and it gave me only the one HEX adress 🙂
        3) changed the value to 99999999 and here I am 🙂

        But all this actions must be done without internet connection, othewise the quantity will be automatacally reset to a previous value.

        Thanks to you anyway, because you made me think about the solution and made my mind work :))))))

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