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  1. Hi Sir, I am preparing for ISRO.
    My scores are as follows:
    1) 83.6 % in 10th
    2) 80.8% in 12th
    3) 8.27 CGPA in B.Tech

    as they are considering academic performance, so I would like to know if my marks are good enough for both written and Interview?
    Are they asking about the projects that we are doing in IT company(in infosys) or about 4th yr B.Tech Projects?(FYI,I am doing support Project(which is baseless))?
    As my exam is on May 24, so could you please tell me the number of hours I should put on for clearing written test and what are the subjects that I should be focussing on?

      1. So far I remember, they have a cut-off criteria of 60% throughout your career. It seems that you are well above the line set.
      2. B.Tech. projects, at least that was what I was asked from. In general, their domain of work does not intersect with that of a typical IT company and probably that’s why they show lack of interest towards your company profile as a developer.
      3. Mileage varies. # of hours you need to put effort is a complex function of your present grasp on the subject, time available at your disposal, your retention abilities, how slow/quick you are as a learner etc. The question you asked is something like how much time it needs to fly from Kolkata to Kerala. It may range from a couple of hours to couple of days depending on what you are travelling by.
      4. Important subjects are, as of my experience, Software Engineering, Computer Architecture, Networking, Operating System, your B.Tech. project.
      • Hello Dipanjan,
        I am a computer science graduate and M.Tech in GIS and RS from NIT Allahabad. I Have an Interview in SAC for the post of Scientist/Engineer-Geoinformatics. I want to know what kind of questions they would put up in the interview.Will they ask questions from my M.tech project?? I am a bit confused bcoz i have CS,GIS and RS in my stream.i am confident in the areas of cs and gis but not in RS.I thought u would be the best person to ask bcoz u have cracked such kind of interview and have worked over there.

        • Hi Vartika,

          Probably it’s too late to reply. Anyway, I had no idea on what was to be the most probable questions to ask in the interview for your field. But, I was asked a lot of questions from my B.Tech. project. Should you have already faced the interview, kindly share so that others can benefit.

      • Hello sir …..
        I wants to make career in ISRO and also preparing hard for written and interview tests.My 10th 12th and btech % are 85,62 and 72 respectively.I am stressed due to my 12th marks and wants to know if I will be rejected due to that even if I performed well in post selection tests…..Please guide m sir

  2. I have detailed my experience at ISRO in my other post. Can’t comment whether it’s better than TCS or not, but it’s an ambiance which isn’t possible to experience in an average IT company.

          • Hi Vamsi,

            Probably, last year they mentioned “self attested” copies. This year they removed the word “self”. It means that the copies are to be attested by any gazetted officer.

  3. Hello Sir,

    Im a electrical student and so far i ve not gathered much abt my domain @ isro, i ve been searching like the whole day but was nt able to gt hold of much info.
    I really want to get into isro n therefore i wud like to knw the subjects tht i shud concentrate more on to, so far i ve got jus 1 isro qp.Sir it wud be of grt hlp if u cud hlp me get sme isro prev qstn papers.

    pls rly,
    Thank you Sir!

  4. Hi Sir, Didn’t they ask you any personal question during interview, I mean, was it purely technical? How tough was the questions?

  5. Yes, it was mostly technical. They didn’t ask me what is called HR questions.

    Questions were easy to moderate, neither too tough, nor too easy. I’ll try to elaborate my experience in a future post as many people are asking me similar questions.

  6. Sir,
    I will be appearing for ISRO Scientist exam 2014 ,please guide me how should i prepare as i am also currently working in a project and i need to prepare parellely. I will be grateful to you if you could me what material i should study.

  7. Hello dipanjan,

    It’s great to hear from you about your experince with ISRO the most prestigious org in the nation.
    I admire your interest to help the aspirants of isro sc’s.
    I would love to hear from what kind of work i can expect in ISRO even though you have posted in other article Life@ ISRO i need them in specific 🙂

    Thank you

  8. Hello Dipanjan,

    Thanks for your response, have furnished the details you sought 🙂

    CSE/selected/ VENUE:

    Jain College
    JGI Knowledge Campus No.44/4, District Fund Road, Jayanagar 9th Block, Near Bangalore Central, Near Big Bazaar, Bangalore – 560069

  9. Hi Gowtham,

    I was under the impression that you have cleared the interview and have been posted to some ISRO centre. Otherwise, it’s difficult for me to predict the kind of work you can expect as it varies a lot from centre to centre. Even not only on centre, but mostly it depends on the division you are being absorbed in.

  10. Sir, if we get into ISRO as an scientist, is there any chance to change our domain..? because am very much interested in the study about cosmology, rather than programming.

  11. Hello sir
    can v start preparaing for gate exam from 2 nd year of BE(IT)……….n in the verge of last year v ll give isro exam………..so is it possible to crack isro………..exam if v ll tke coaching of gate exams……..

    • ISRO exam is no harder than GATE. Even starting preparation from 2nd year is early enough to prepare for either GATE or ISRO, And regarding GATE coaching, I don’t believe in that much. If possible, subscribe for some test package.

  12. Hello Sir,
    First of all thank you so much for sharing your information.
    Secondly can you tell me about the cut off criteria for written tests? so that i can get a rough idea about number of questions i should attempt?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  13. Sir, Do you have solutions of the previous year papers? And Secondly does previous year GATE papers can help in this exam?

    Thank you so much for your valuable reply and time.

  14. Sir,
    I am a Computer Science student passionate about joining ISRO.

    Please let me know where the new recruits are posted?
    Also how is this done? Please let me know all the places where Software dev/computer sci students go after getting selected.

    Also the posting procedure.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • 1. Posting of new recruit is vacancy based and totally depends on their discretion
      2. Reading my posts will give you a fair idea of job profile of a Computer Science Student @VSSC/LPSC. Apart from that, ISAC most probably works on image processing related stuffs.
      3. By “posting procedure”, what do you mean?

  15. hello sir….wil u plss sugst me whether i shuld tke coachng clss fr gate frm second yr or thrd yr……n i hv 1 mre doubt…..whethr the BE(IT) studnts….r allwd 2 gve exm of ISRO…becoz i hve rad thr prospector…..acrdng 2 whch only BE(CS)…is allwd….

  16. Sir i will be appearing for isro exam ,electronics next year.I have just passed my B.Tech exam.I am from instrumentation but can not complete my final year projec hardware successfully.I am not sure whether I will clear the exam and will make my way to interview.But if I appear for the interview,how much the incompletion of the project hardware will matter?plz help sir .I am worried about this.

    • Hi Saranee,

      In my case, they asked quite a few questions from my final year project. Generally, it is easier to convince an interviewer towards a solid project rather than “allowing” him to bombard you with difficult questions. Don’t think of it much. After all. all such panels I have seen are highly interviewer dependent. If you are not confident enough about the project, try to stay away. If the topic is raised in course of interview, try to portray it in a positive fashion. Instead of mentioning about in-completion, highlight what you achieved in due time. Also prepare some nice lines in your mind on future scope of the project. Give them an impression that the reason not being able to meet the goal is lack of time but not your lack of ability. Convince or confuse!

  17. Hello Swapnil,

    Whether you require to take coaching classes from second year or third or whether it’s at all required to attend one, these are more of your personal choice than someone else advising you on the same. Personally, I feel there’s nothing which can compensate your earnest, whole hearted effort. I have always experienced good results without attending a regular coaching class. Try to collaborate with your peers and moreover, friends who are academically neither better or worse than you.

    I took ISRO exam in 2011. The advertisement was for CS students only. But, later on I heard that IT students were also allowed to take the exam.

    In general, I’d like to look into this page from Princeton. More specifically, writing in SMS language is discouraged in many public forums as it reflects your lack of interest in the topic and habit of asking for others’ time while you, yourself, being unwilling to spend the same.

    Good luck!

  18. hai sir,

    I am also from cs background and currently working in TCS as similar as like your past 🙂

    I am passinate abt ISRO so give me the proper suggestions


    till now I didn’t attempt GATE and ISRO written..

    I am 2013 passed out .

    • Hi Jaswanth,

      Your academic background makes you a perfect candidates to work in ISRO. Is there anything specific you want suggestions for?

  19. hai,

    Thanks you for that reply..
    What i want is could you plzz give me some proper guidence on how to crack this job..

    Suggest any kind of materials/books.

    • Hi Jaswanth,

      There is no predefined syllabus as such. Prepare in the same way as that of GATE exam. Follow standard books as well as solving previous years’ GATE paper in a time-bound fashion should help.

  20. Hello sir….i know you are from cs discipline but can you please tell something about the work mechanical engineers are involved in. Also,sir, do such ‘bogus’ divisions exist in/for mechanical discipline too?Thanks.

  21. Hi Sir,
    When will the written test result be out for scientist exam?, it happened on may 24th, 2014 for all branches, this year,
    As far as I see they will first give marks sheet of all candidates, then list of candidates sekected for interview, followed by postal info about interview venue.
    Please tell me rough dates of the above mentions happened during your selection process, thank you.

  22. Sir,
    What is general trend, every year, for most recent years? I want to know whether the interviews will be completed before december or not? Thank you

  23. Hi Chandu,

    So far I can remember, in 2011, I had interview in the third week of November, interview result got published some time in January and joining was in March 2012. I can’t remember the date they published the result of the written test or interview short-list.

  24. hello sir,
    I want to join isro.I wanted to know what kind of research is done there specifically??Do they take any programming test during the written or interview?

    • Depends what you think to be ‘research’ is. Here at IIT, research is solving an open problem in some domain, when you join some R&D division of some IT giant, they’ll make you do market specific research that adds value to their product base. In that limited tenure of 1.5 years, honestly I didn’t find much of first kind of research work going on. But, ISRO takes up TDP (Technology Development Program) activities. I worked on a similar project, development of SPARC simulator. Also, my division had similar activities in their project queue, e.g. development of SPARC assembler, compiler, linker…the entire in-house SPARC tool-chain. Anyway, those are not research in the true sense of the term, but, of course out-of-the-box development work. Saying that, I’d like to comment that, ISRO is a large body and I explored only a tiny fragment of it.

      They don’t have any programming round during selection process.

  25. Hi Dipanjan,

    Thanks for this blog. I am a BE passout of May 2014 in ECE and currently working as application engineer in a multinational US Based EDA Company in Bangalore for the past 6 months. But my life’s biggest AIM is to work for ISRO and I am ready to work hard for it any cost. Right from my childhood till the present moment I dream about working in ISRO. I grew up reading the success stories of PSLV, GSLV and INSAT in 2002, 2003 etc and inspired by words of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sir. After my 12th std I gave a try to make it to IIST for BTech through the exam ISAT-2010 which was conducted for UG admissions into IIST. But I couldnot succeed and joined a Govt engineering college for BTech in ECE. In my 8th Semester I got placed in my current company through campus recruitment which is a ‘dream company’ in the eyes of Placement Cell of my college. But my dream still remains the same old ISRO to this moment. I have gone through the previous question papers of ISRO centralised recruitment and found that it is almost similar to gate papers. I had appeared for gate2014 and got AIR around 4330 with score 601 in ECE. The preparation for gate2014 was not upto the level and I strongly believe I can improve to a really good score if I spend some months for dedicated GATE/ISRO preparation. So I am planning to quit my current job in June 2015 and join for GATE coaching at Hyderabad for GATE-2016 preparation. Even if I dont make it to ISRO I would like to join for MTech in IISc/IITs/IIST/NITs/ provided I get wonderful gate score and finally work in India’s research field. For all this I must spend 6 to 7 months dedicated for gate preparation.

    Another dilemma is that many people are persuading me not to quit the current job as it is a high paying job(7.75 LPA) and a dream job of many. I tried to prepare for GATE -2015 in evenings after work during the 1st few months but as the work started becoming hectic I couldnot cope up with both. But if I donot quit I may have to work lifelong for a job which I am not much interested in and finally ending up lamenting that I did not chase my dreams.

    I am ready to put my heart and soul into gate preparation and finally live my life contributing my part to Indian research field. This is what I love to do from the bottom of my heart instead of working in a MNC serving the clients only to increase the profit and turnover of the company. I know that my salary will be lower compared to that I receive now if I join a Govt Organisation for research/as engineer. But the happiness and satisfaction I will get working for my country will be much different from what I now get from this corporate life, I feel.

    Could you please provide me advice regarding the correctness of my decision? Will it be a blunder if I quit my current job as my ‘well-wishers’ say and stay job-less for about a year? But I am confident and strongly believe that I will succeed in my aim. This is my driving force now.


    • Hi Arya,

      Though late, hope it is not too late yet. I was tied up with placement process, hence this delay.

      So, you are around 7 months with some IT company, right? As you are passed out of college less than a year ago, it may seem impossible to time manage between your personal dreams and professional responsibilities. The fact that you did not succeed in studying in evenings testifies the fact that you are yet to master the art of managing ‘time’, the precious-most resource. One of the many learning from the professional experience you’ll earn is how to switch between different commitments and how to prioritize responsibilities. The reason I am stressing on such interpersonal skills is, not only this will be of your immense help in preparing for so-and-so exam, but maintaining a good work-life balance, too, once you in any profession. Neither I am not as extremist as you to quit the job altogether nor like your ‘well-wishers’ who suggest you not to quit the job at all. I believe that your dream to crack GATE/ISRO can very well be chased and be achieved with utmost success without quitting the job at all. What your advisers suggest is partially true and may be of a point of concern as the time passes, but essentially, I feel they failed to provide you with specific examples to keep your motivation boosted up to a level. Hence, this frustration! Let me fill the gap.

      Experience is counted in B-school admissions. Many of my peers who could succeed in getting into IIM-A/C/L/K/R were working professionals. They did manage their time very efficiently across different heads, e.g. professional hazards, CAT preparation and CAT coaching. Difficulty and scale of competition of CAT is well-known and not, by any chance, easier than cracking GATE/ISRO. Most of the IIM guys were working professionals prior to joining India’s topmost B-schools. If they can, why can’t you?

      B.Tech, WBJEE 491 (2006-2010) –> TCS (September 2010 – March 2012) –> ISRO, AIR 11 in ICRB 2011 (March 2012 – July 2013) –> IIT Madras, M.Tech, GATE AIR 106 in 2013 (GEN) (July 2013 – Present). The above is my career timeline. Aren’t my exam ranks good enough? Not boasting, but my professional life is continuous without a single month break, yet I could achieve success. I am not an exception, but one out of those many who seamlessly switches between academia and profession.

      While in TCS, a typical example of my daily schedule was to start at 8:45AM from home, 11:00AM – 8:30PM office hours and coming back again at 10:00PM. There were deviations from this schedule, but not too frequent. Is your schedule more hectic? How did I manage time then? I prioritized. What did I want was to pursue higher studies. I did never want to climb up in professional ladder. But, I never wanted to resign the job either, as it was a steady source of income. Effectively I always tried to keep my job involvement as minimum as possible. I used to perform well as I am, in general, more efficient than any average employee they had. But, I never put any extra effort to over-perform for the sake of appraisal. I used to always have a book or notes in my bag. I used to open up book while in train or bus or in the lunch hours. If I could manage some free time slots, I used to go to the library. After coming back at 10:00PM, I used to have my dinner as fast as possible and study till 2:30AM-3:00AM. Again I had to wake up at 7:30AM to start the journey for the day next. I used to have an Excel sheet with a progress-plan per week basis. Unless you set up some milestone for yourself to achieve, mostly your preparation will be undirected and aimless. Over time, you won’t be able to measure your progress and feel that you are lagging behind, thus losing confidence. One more piece of advise. To crack GATE/ISRO, you don’t really need to join a coaching and shell out 25k bucks. I never joined one. If possible, go for a test series only, but not a classroom coaching. That’s it.

      Unless you do much more than above, you have kept yourself in an illusion of being a hard-working guy, but not that is what you are in reality. Even if you manage to get into IIT, the survival would be pretty tough. Every time you will be challenged, both physically and mentally.

      Bottom line, I suggest you not to quit job, but to chase your dream in full-swing. It’s not at all impossible. Many people have done that. Why can’t you?

  26. Hello sir,
    my percentage are
    current BE aggregate-69.22%
    Am I eligible for written test?What is the general cut off for test?
    Thanks in advance

      • I heard that generally every year it is near around 70%.And they don’t mention cut off in advertisement right?Because shortlisting of students will be done after form collection.I am very scared that whether I am eligible or not ?Do you have any rough idea about cut off of your time when you gave exam?

        • If nothing is mentioned, don’t go by what people are saying. Apply and see yourself whether you get shortlisted. I don’t have any idea because I never feared of not getting shortlisted just because of score cut-off.

        • I just checked the official advertisement page for 2014. In Selection Process section, it has been clearly mentioned,

          The candidate should have First Class with minimum 65% marks in the Qualifying Degree ie, BE/B.Tech or equivalent. Please note that this qualification prescribed is the MINIMUM requirement and the same does not automatically make candidates eligible for written test. Based on the academic performance and bio-data, initial screening will be conducted and a higher cut-off percentage may be adopted to short-list candidates for taking-up written test.

          You should have googled out yourself prior to listening to rumours.

    • Yeah, that is general cut-off. Also, I haven’t seen people not getting shortlisted because of having scores less than mentioned threshold. May be your Bachelors % is a little on the lower side, but the other two can compensate for that. Go ahead and apply and surely you’ll receive a call for written exam. Prepare well for that.

  27. Yes I have been preparing for this since last year..I am going to appear for sure but it’s just my aggregate is down so I get scared sometimes.:D Thanks again I will accomplish my dream soon

  28. I want to join isro..what can i do..and what is the date of examination …how i am prepare for this exam..can u suggest me.my 10th percentages is 61 12th 72 and BE .cgpa..is 8.4%..

  29. I want to join isro..what can i do..and what is the date of examination …how i am prepare for this exam..can u suggest me.my 10th percentages is 61 12th 72 and BE .cgpa..is 8.4%….

    • Like any other exam, you have to study and may need to study hard depending on your mileage. The effort one needs to put varies from person to person. Regarding dates, check out official website. If you have any specific question, please let me know.

  30. Hi Dipanjan,

    It’s really nice to see that you are taking time out of your schedule to help aspiring candidates. I too have a question for you, which, if answered, can help me a lot. I have been shortlisted for ISRO Asstt. (Admin Support Staff) for Thiruvananthapuram Zone. The result was declared on 12th March 2015. I want to know what will be the tentative date of Interview and expected venue. Will they provide accommodation as well to the candidates, as they are providing up-down railway fare. Last, but not the least, what will be the pattern of interview and nature of work?


    • Hi Anuj,

      I have no idea on date, venue and other logistical stuffs. In my case, they reimbursed to and fro second class AC fair by train via shortest possible route. They didn’t provide any accommodation either. Again, I am clueless on interview pattern and job profile for administrative stuffs.

  31. I am a graduate from IT. And my CGPA is 7.29. Would this affect my selection. I mean will this much CGPA be considered. I mean at interview they give preference to marks also.

    • Hi Abhinav,

      It’s hard to say what an interview panel looks for, in general. You may have less marks scored, but have something else that compensates. Who knows? Thumb rule is, the more; the better. Fortunately, there are frequent exceptions. Don’t presume anything that affects your performance in the interview.

      Good luck!

  32. Haven’t the ISRO SC exam not conducted in 2015.I have checked the website(http://www.isro.gov.in/careers) thrice before leaving this message….Is this the correct website?If so will this happen since ISRO generally conducts exam in MAR/APR and till now no notification about this.

    • Hi Chandrahas,

      That’s the correct website. However, it may happen that ISRO doesn’t have vacancy this year and won’t conduct any recruitment drive therefore.

  33. Hi Sir,

    I had already applied for ISRO SC(Electronics) position. As the exam date is on 11th october this year. Is the time sufficient to prepare for the exam? Since i have not yet been placed in any company i take this as an opportunity which has come my way. Is the preparation different for ISRO than GATE or its one and the same? Since i dont have any idea about GATE pattern will i be at the disadvantage of taking the written exam? Please guide me.

    • Hi Sarath,

      Five months from now is sufficient to prepare for ISRO entrance. Moreover, you are not into any job at present. So, utilize your full time and energy after the preparation. Preparing for ISRO is a subset of GATE preparation. In other words, GATE requires a few more topics/subjects have to be covered in greater detail. Have a look at the GATE syllabus and you will get to know what to study and what not.

  34. Hi all,

    ISRO has invited applications for 2015 Annual recruitment and written test will be conducted on 11th October 2015. But it seems there is some issue with their server and I am unable to fill in the application form. I cannot move forward after Step 1 of 8. Last date for filling the application is July 9th. Is anyone else facing the same problem?


  35. Hi dipanjan,

    I am working in TCS since 2012. It is almost 3 year and 6 month . I know most of you will feel awkward on my interest in ISRO. Following are my academics

    1) 10th – 70
    2) 12th -62
    3) btech (computer science) – 65 (exact).

    Could you please let me know that how can i start preparing for that. Not in much touch with my btech core subjects. Right now i am working as data scientist in tcs will it be additional advantages in my interview .

  36. I have already applied for ISRO SC(Mechanical) position. As the exam date is on 11th october this year. Is the time sufficient to prepare for the exam? I am also working in MNC Company so i have no more time for study.Please guide me.

  37. Hello dipanjan sir,
    Very useful website for isro aspirants…..im very glad that I had came across this site
    I’m doing my mtech at sri venkateswara university tirupati through gate
    My doubt is……….suppose if I’m shortlisted for scientist sc 2015 interview…..is it correct or not to tell the panel members that I’m doing mtech at present…..
    Thank you sir …….

    • Hi Asha,

      I have seen people joining ISRO without finishing their MS program (it is not a time-bound program at IIT). They generally keep on pursuing the program in distance mode, provided their guide permits. Also, I have seen one who was at the tail end of his M.Tech program and institute permitted him to join ISRO. Rather than discontinuing the program, it’s a better idea to let them know and finish it off. If you are in the second year of M.Tech., it’d be wise for you not to suppress the fact. In that case, something might be arranged so that you can get the degree and join ISRO. For first year students, both institute and ISRO might not allow the distance mode or late joining respectively. But, simply mentioning the fact that you are pursuing ISRO won’t cause any harm.

  38. Does the college were we did btech and the project what we did in btech will play major role during interview?????
    Because both are not good for me…

    • Hi Asha,

      I was a B.Tech when I applied. That time they asked a lot of question from my B.Tech project. In fact, I spent half of the time with that. General notion is, if your projects are not strong, you are asked a lot more questions from diverse domains to compensate that. This is true for any interview. A good project and being able to attract interviewer’s attention towards that is always a plus in general.

  39. Hi Dipanjan,

    My Qualification – BE computer science 2004 passout

    Have applied for ISRO SC – computer science exam. Have 3 months time to prepare.

    Can you please suggest good coaching centre in chennai or bangalore (including technical stuff)? Really need to refresh my technical knowledge.

    Many thanks for your reply.


    • Hi Ranjani,

      Personally I don’t have much respect towards coaching centres. ISRO preparation is a subset of preparation for GATE examination. It’s a lot easier than that. When I wrote ISRO entrance, I was working in TCS and the schedule was too hectic. Not even I was preparing for GATE. Saying that, I had an advantage that I was a much ‘fresher’ B.Tech pass out which is not in your case. What you can do is, you can plan a study schedule of your own and take any standard test package for GATE from GateForum/Made Easy/Ace etc. This way, you can learn time management skills. Also, you will be thrown at a set of diverse questions simultaneously. They will pinpoint in post-exam analysis what all are the domains you are weak or strong at. This approach will save time from attending regular lectures at their centres, but have the benefit of getting prepared in a competitive environment.

  40. Hello dipanjan sir
    I got 8550 rank in EC gate 2014 and my score is 524.
    I have applied for isro scientist sc 2015 and preparing for the same.can i clear isro scientist exam 2015 if my preparation is in the gate level????
    I’m asking this question because many are telling that it’s difficult to clear isro exam even though you have cleared gate exam…..that’s y I’m loosing my confidence can u please guide me……I badly need to clear isro exam.

    • Hi Asha,

      Don’t pay attention to what others are saying. ISRO <<< GATE. Just for fun, I wrote ISRO exam last year (2014). You might know that they shortlisted a handful of candidates, around nine I guess. I didn't have any preparation as I was pursuing third semester of M.Tech at that time. Still I could manage to get an AIR of 20.

  41. Hi sir,

    I am 2015 passout in EEE stream ,am applied for scientist(electronics) in isro.My gpa is 8, is three months is enough for crack isro??? .Till now am not prepared for gate.I appeared in gate 2015 but I am not scored well in that(score 11/100).During preparation time what should be concentrated more problem solving or theory part???

    • Hi Jomon,

      It’s apparent that your preparation is not upto the mark. There isn’t any boolean answer to your query whether three months are sufficient or not. It depends on a number of factor e.g. the effort you put in, IQ, your retentive capacity, the amount of time you can spend etc. Figure out the best recipe for you. You mileage may vary.

      Regarding preparation, don’t stick to bookish theories for long. While those will certainly help, simply mugging theories won’t take you much far. Better strategy will be to solve certain number of GATE questions from previous years’ GATE papers regularly without fail. If you get stuck anywhere, go back and consult a text book. Means let you preparation be demand-driven. In three months, if you want to be jack-of-all-trades, ultimately you will end up being master-of-none. Had I been in your position, I would do they way I told.

      Good luck. Nail it down! It’s not that difficult even.

  42. i want to how will i prepare for isro exam. i had taken 1 year gate coaching. i bit confused that should i revised all the theoretical aspect and then jump to question or i directly start practicing. i saw previous year question papers i found out that weight age for both theory and practical is 50-50.please give me some suggestion. and i want to know what kind of questions they asked you in interview. because whatever i collected from net i got that they generally ask question related to mechanism and concepts please suggest me how to crack both written and interview

  43. hello dipanjan..
    am passed out this year in june
    i scored-83.53 -SSC
    88.75-DIPLOMA e n tc
    66.66- b.tech
    should i get selected for wrttn test whch having cutoff of 65 % in degree…

      • ok …means the criteria for btech doesnt matter..??
        bcz they said in notification that thr is minimum criteria to be 65% it dsnt means you will surely get selected for stage one of the WRITTEN TEST ,thts why am asking…..

        • Hi Sourabh,

          Your B.Tech percentage is marginally above the required cut-off. So, your application shouldn’t get filtered out on the basis of that.

          • ohk….thanks a lot ..actually i got scared due to the criteria fullfillment point specified..thnkss again …

  44. Hi Dipanjan,

    I am a 2015 passed out student.

    My scores :
    10th : 96.8
    12th : 93.8
    B.E.(ECE) : 91.5

    Currently I am undergoing Internship training at AMAZON.in, Chennai[from Aug,2014 to Aug,2015]
    My exam date : 11-10-2015
    I am starting preparation now only.
    Got syllabus from a web-page. It includes 10 areas in our Electronics.
    Also the syllabus is for 2013. Please let me know when it is revised then and please provide a link to access that.
    Is it possible for me to get into ISRO as I am starting now only and what is the cut-off marks (out of 240) to be scored to clear the written test.
    I am really scared.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Karthika,

      There is no official syllabus for ISRO recruitment exam, at lease as far as I know. Go by the syllabus for GATE. It should be superset.

      There is not cut-off even. The list is sorted in decreasing order of marks obtained and top ‘x’ people are called for interview. ‘x’ is a function of their internal requirement across all departments in each vertical.

      Don’t be scared. You results reflect you ability. It is quite doable by a timeframe of three months.

    • Hi Kartika,

      The date of exam which you are referring above,is it the one given in the website ? or have they sent you the hall ticket already and you are referring to that one?

  45. Hi Dipanjan,
    Thanks for your inspirational article. I am facing the very same situation…. u vr facing years back…I am also working in the very same company…I know what the work pressure is 🙁
    struggling with time management

    • Hi Agatya,

      Plan accordingly. It’s your carrier, your call. Nobody else’s. It’s perfectly fine to steal time in your own way once you are sure to move out of IT for the time being.

  46. hello sir,
    i m nidhi (2013) passout. i applied for ISRO last year but i didnt got call for written test . my overall aggregate is 65%. i m hoping this year i got chance.
    i keep touching my self related to some subject like os,networks.i didnt prepare for GATE pass 2 year. i m an avg student. ISRO is my dream company . i m not working in any company currently.sir please sugg me to crack ISRO written exam as i m not familier with GATE exam pls

    • Hi Nidhi,

      As I have already told someone else earlier in this thread, if you are above their official cut-off, you should have received a call letter for written interview. If not, you have the right to approach them and get to know the reason. Last year there might have happened some mishap, who knows?

      Even if you are not selected ever after attending a series of on-campus and off-campus placement drives, don’t worry. Every exam is different. Get a new start. For cracking ISRO exam, a solid GATE preparation is not mandatory, though GATE preparation helps. When I wrote ISRO exam, I didn’t have much preparation for GATE, yet I could crack it with flying colors. ISRO is much simpler than GATE. As far as the strategy is concerned, follow the GATE syllabus and previous years’ question papers. Don’t dig dip into a specific subject. Rather than, let your preparation be demand-driven. Attempt a paper, analyze your weaknesses, look back and try again. Do it iteratively.

    • Hi Greato,

      I don’t/can’t refer you to any specific online/offline resource. Don’t dive or dig deep into the syllabus. There’s a lot you can’t cover in a span of three months. Worse is, you can’t retain 100% of what you read. Initially, I made that mistake. A ended up wasting huge amount of time. And, you are underestimating in thinking that you can cover 10-15 years’ GATE paper in last months. It’s simply not at all doable. Once you start the preparation, you will see that there is no definitive solution to GATE questions. Many people will come up with different opinions and solutions. Lastly, following GATE syllabus blindly is the best possible approach of preparation.

  47. hi dipanjan …
    srry am worried abt my chalan which i issued some days before and send to ISRO head quarters …how could i knw that whther my ISRO copy has been sbmtted or not …bcz i didnt gt any notification yet….can u tell m wht should i do..??dt of sbmssn is 3rd july…????? am scared….because the date is over today…

    • Hi sourabh,

      The exam date is announced in the website common for all as 11/10/2015.
      And as a girl, I need not pay application fee.
      Yet to send my hardcopy of application but applied online for which the last date is stated as 09/07/2015 in the website.
      Please let me know if you have any concerns.


      • ohh sorry karthika i forgot abt it…but actually got scared that i send my challan on 3rd of july by speed post bcz the ordinary post having lots of trbll n tracking….my status of application is reconcialiation of bank challan ..how could i notified abt thechallan reception …u have any idea if ur male frndz applied fr the post..???

    • Hi Sourabh,

      Sorry for late reply. I am travelling. I am not sure about the process flow this time. Please check with other test takers. I think Karthika and greato have already replied to you in this regard.

  48. hello sir, my name is siva hari krishna. i secures 80.03% in mechanical stream. according to you, is 3 months sincere preparation should be enough to crack ISRO ??

    • Hi Hari,

      Three months of sincere preparation is enough to cut a good figure in ISRO Entrance Examination. Don’t worry and let yourself demotivated in any way. Move on.

  49. hi sir,
    i completed my B.E(ECE) in 2015 only. i m not that much strong in circuits but all the question papers have main thing as circuits so can u pls guide me to improve my knowledge in circuits eventhough i studied that subject i felt it was little difficult. i m not interested in going for classes and all so can u tell some tips and some book names to prepare for the isro sc exam.

  50. Hi,

    Sorry sourab, I don’t know any male applied for this in my circle.
    Sourab/Greato, only males should send the post right.
    I got my application status as received, so I need not do anything orelse I have to do something else. I didn’t do anything other than online application.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Komal,

      So far I know, ISRO recruits only Computer Science, Electronics and mechanical Engineers from the core Engineering streams. No idea if there’s any prospect for Instrumentation people, too.

  51. Hi All,

    Anyone got call for written test? I didn’t get any info till now…
    Dipanjan, usually when they will call for written test after receiving the applications?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Hi Karthika,

      In our case, timeline was different. Advertisement came out in February, written test was held in April. So, compare yours with other test takers writing test this time.

  52. Hai Karthika,
    The call letters for written test will be out only in the last week of september. They have mentioned this in the advertisement…

  53. hai sir, could you please tell me how much time they will take to call for the interview after shortlisted in written test ? (approximately) . .. At present, the exam date is 11 october 2015, when the interview is supposed to be conducted after the release of written test results ?

  54. Hello Bro,
    Can you tell me the exact timing of your ISRO examination ?

    Coz, I got a call letter from Infosys on oct 11 in mysore, and ISRO exam is on oct 11 in chennai .

      • My hometown is chennai. By campus recruitment, i was placed in infosys on sep 1,2014. while registering, i chose chennai as my exam centre, having a thought that even if i go to Infosys mysore, I can come in the weekend to my hometown and write the exam and go back to mysore, if got selected in ISRO, i can quit infosys. This was my plan. Now the thing is that both coincided.. problem started when last week I got my call letter from infosys to report on oct 11 in mysore. The same date I got my ISRO exam in Chennai..

        Hope i’m clear now.. 🙂

        • Hi Samuel,

          Still there is ample time left. Either ask Infosys to delay your joining by a day or two (don’t ask me what foul reason you have to come up with :P) or contact ISRO HQ for a location change.

  55. I tried both the options which you mentioned. But both didn’t approve my request. Still I have two options. 1. If exam is scheduled on Sunday morning which will end by 12:00. I can take a flight and reach Infosys by 18:00. ( this is reason I asked my first question about timings :P) 2. Change of exam date by isro due to any national cause.

    • Hi Samuel,

      I am surprised to see that none of the options worked. For me, the duration was 12:00 – 3:00, if I am not wrong. What did Infosys and ISRO say?

        Infosys said,”As per the Company policy, extension in Date of Joining will be granted only once based on medical exigencies.”

  56. Hi Dipanjan,

    I am applying for the post of Architect in ISRO 2015, in the online application form there is a provision for selection of course type (Sem pattern / yearly pattern / mixed pattern – 1st year annual and the rest is semester pattern).

    B.Arch is a 5 year course and my curriculum is 1st year annual and next as 8 semesters but the application has only options for 1 yr + 5 to 7 semesters.

    can you suggest me how to fill in or where to approach to rectify the issue?

    • Hi Prema,

      If I have understood correctly, the available four course types are (1) Semester (2) Yearly (3) Yearly (4) Mixed (1st year annual and the rest is semester). Where does the fifth option of “1 yr + 5 to 7 semesters” come from?

    • Hi Prema,

      It’s the CGPA which will only matter (if matters at all). Don’t worry. Your candidature won’t be rejected on such a petty issue, especially when you have a solid reason to justify your action.

  57. Is there any medical fitness test after written exam.if so what is it?
    Next ,what is the time span between written test and its result and to interview and its result.

    • Hi Hari,

      Yes, there is a medical fitness test. They arranged for basic medical test, e.g. urine/blood/height/weight etc. on the day of joining itself at ISRO hospital. Regarding the dates, it’s already four years from now. I don’t remember any more.

  58. Hai Dipanjan,

    this is sridhar,
    i have applied exam in july only. one of my friend told me just notification relesaed. so then i applied. then i started preparation and its going on…now i have exam on this oct 10th…i have only 1 month 20 days to prepare.
    Is this enough time for preparation ???
    please tell me sir. i am afraid of it.

    • Hi Sridhar,

      Assuming you have started preparation in July, you will be preparing for around 2.5 months prior to writing the exam. That may be sufficient depending on your level of competence when you started preparing. If you are totally blank and start from scratch, then it may not be sufficient. But, the time is adequate for gearing up. Again, you mileage varies on a number of factors, e.g. your retentive capacity, the amount of time you are able to spend per day, your IQ, your level of preparation on t=0, whether you need to switch between multiple tasks as is the case for working professionals etc.

      Don’t think too much. Give a serious and honest try. More importantly, never get demotivated by others’ feedback. Generally discussing with friends’ on how much of the syllabus they have covered has an adverse effect. I seen many people who perform really bad in exams in spite of claiming revising the topics several times. Stay away from such “characters”. One last note, a single exam can’t decide your life for ever. You will find yourself under pressure when you think like, “Oh! I am writing ISRO entrance.” When hope is high, so is the pressure. That makes us under-perform. Write it like any other exam and there may be an unexpectedly sweet end result awaiting you. Who knows?

  59. Hi Dipanjan,
    I am a ECE ,B.E graduate of 2012 passers. I have nine months of working experience with TCS (Feb 2013 -Oct 2013) when I resigned my job so as to pursue a passionate profession in ELECTRONICS. But no private sector employed me. Now its time to turn towards ISRO itself for a budding career.

    So will this year gap make an issue in the recruitment.?

    And can a woman make her career with ISRO?

    • Hi Anto,

      If you have a career gap, generally it’s advisable to have some explanation/excuse ready for that.

      Of course, a woman can build her entire career in ISRO. In fact, while working at VSSC, Trivandrum, I have noticed that the fraction of women working over there is significantly higher than their male counterpart.

    • Hi Manisha,

      The time being short, don’t attempt to dig deep into the subjects. Working only on theoretical stuffs keeping practice aside is the first mistake you can make. I’d rather suggest to solve previous years’ ISRO/GATE (CS+IT) papers and go back to textbooks only when you get stuck. Read on-demand basis. Considering the time constraint, thorough reading is next to impossible.

      Of course, Engineering Maths is a must for ISRO exam., unless they change the pattern overnight.

  60. Hi,

    I am preparing for the post of Scientist/Engineer(Architecture) in ISRO.
    Could you please tell me where can I find the syllabus for the same as I could not find for Architecture alone where as for Civil, Electrical departments it is available.


  61. hi Dipanjan,

    I have applied for the Scientist/Engineer ‘SC’ (Architecture) post,but i am unable to find any previous years question paper for the same.So I have no clue about what to study for the exam.Kindly guide me through it.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Sam,

      Until the last time I checked, ISRO website used to host question papers of CE/ECE/ME branches. If Architecure question papers are not there, better you follow previous years’ question papers for GATE which is, by far, based on the same syllabus but with difficulty level moderately higher than ISRO.

    • Hi Shubham,

      Such a day is probably light years ahead when ISRO engineers will host a blog/website themselves to announce their public presence and interact with people at large. When I started preparing, I tried to reach a few via Facebook. Unfortunately, not a single one did reply. And, that’s my main motivation to reply to people’s comments on my blog threads.

  62. Hello sir,
    I get to know that ISRO interview is very very technical

    Right now I am in 2nd year mechanical engineering
    Could you please suggest the way I should study & resources so that I can pass..
    Surely I ‘ll be sticking to GATE syllabus as you said.

    • Hi Hari,

      I didn’t prepare any notes per subject. Thorough reading of text books, possibly combining more than one – is my strategy. What I prescribe you is to practice a lot. Unless you take timed tests, only blind reading won’t take you much far.

  63. Hi Dipanjan,

    Please help me i am in great dilemma.I am 2013 CSE Passout. I was Working in HUAWEI Tech. Banglore and left the company after 1 yr and joined M.Tech in MNNIT Allahabad.My aim of leaving job was to get in ti govt sector. I am not selected in the BEL-india interview result came on 3rd Sep.
    Please Suggest if i should leave M.Tech and prepare for GATE(and hence ISRO).because my family needs financial support as soon as possible and M.tech would take around 2 yrs from now.

    • Hi Vinod,

      There are times when you need to prioritize between personal and professional calls. When I graduated in 2010, I could write GATE to get into some IIT/IISc as most of my friends did. Instead, I was compelled to serve in IT industry as well as government sector for three long years to address my family’s financial needs. Trust me, it was very hard to resume and get back to academia once again.

      Generally, it’s not advisable to jump into uncertain by leaving something at hand. You can prepare for GATE/ISRO parallelly with your M.Tech. It’s much easier than being in industry and preparing for competitive exams side-by-side. Though difficult, it’s not impossible. Many a people, including me, have been through such a phase. Once you get something “solid” at hand, bidding a bye to M.Tech@MNNIT won’t require more than a week or so. Even if you can’t crack GATE/ISRO by the time you finish off M.Tech, getting placed from on-campus is generally easier than hunting for job off-campus.

  64. Hello Sir, I would like to know the general topics required for preparing for the entrance exam. I am an Aeronautical student and I am writing the exam in the Mechnical stream.

    Can you please suggest the major topics to cover to score better.

    • Hi Sanofer,

      I did it for Computer Science while I was preparing. The difficulty of questions has remained more or less the same over the years. So, it should help you unless they change the exam difficulty overnight.

  65. Hi Dipanjan sir

    As very short time is left, is it possible to crack the exam by jus doing previous year question papers; guidance needed sir! pls reply

    • Hi Raj,

      One year gap shouldn’t affect the probability of receiving a call. During interview, you are expected to furnish a plausible justification of the gap, provided you are asked for the same.

    • Hi Rahul,

      Written exam and interview are independent. Once you are filtered through written exam, your application is given a fresh look during interview. In other words, there’s no benefit for the one who performs splendid in written but screws up interview. On the flip side, there’s nothing to worry for one who fails to perform upto the mark in written exam but interview goes decent.

    • Hi Nishtha,

      ISRO will let you go as a sponsored candidate only after three years of mandatory service. This option has the following advantages:

      1. The number competitors for those very few seats (usually between 1-3 per IIT/IISc per branch) are limited. I have seen one having 3000+ GATE 2013 rank in Computer Science nailing down ME@IISc which usually gets exhausted by GATE rank 50 for GEN candidates in regular (i.e. non-sponsored) category.
      2. Sponsored candidates need not serve as a TA (teaching Assistant) at IIT. Because, they are being paid a salary by their sponsoring institute (i.e. ISRO in this case), not receiving a stipend by MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Division), Government of India. The salary is much higher than MHRD stipend of Rs.12,400/- per month.
      3. People used to say that having a Masters degree boosts the chance of getting promotion after a certain point in one’s professional career in ISRO. This is what allures employees the most for going as sponsored candidates.
      4. One gets paid for the entire tenure he/she is into study as a sponsored candidate. All the bonus and benefit are equally applicable as a regular employee. Even, this period is counted towards your service tenure which is of immense importance in government sector.

      The downsides of choosing this option are:

      1. One is bound to serve five years of mandatory service after he/she joins back or end up paying equivalent amount of compensation otherwise. This compensation becomes a hefty amount and most probably is equal to or greater than the amount one is paid by ISRO during the study period.
      2. You are “eligible” to go for as a sponsored candidate after three years, of course. But, that totally depends on authority’s discretion. I have heard people not being allowed to go for higher studies on account of the work pressure and lack of man-power in the division at that time. This may be a serious issue, time to time.
      3. Saying that, I have seen (and heard) people to go for time-bound Masters program only. I haven’t heard of a singular case of someone going for a “full-time” PhD as a sponsored candidate. Recently, a lady whom I know has converted her Masters in EE@IITM to a part-time PhD. She has joined back ISRO after her M.Tech getting over. Now, she will be pursuing PhD in a “distant” mode, visiting IITM campus at times. You should know that getting an appproval for part-time PhD was not easy for her at all.

      I had an AIR 106 in GATE 2013 in Computer Science. I finished only 15 months of services while it’d require me to wait for another 21 more months to be eligible for sponsorship. I was reluctant to wait for that long. Anyway, I wanted to pursue PhD and move out from service sector.

    • Hi Remya,

      Had I even been still affiliated with ISRO, I wouldn’t have any means to get hold of such administrative detail which is not open to public. To get to know the number of candidates, you can check the result of written exam where they listed out the roll numbers alongwith the marks obtained for everyone. For the data from my year, please check the links in my blog post. I have hosted those myself. So, those are available. For other years, you have to google and see whether the relevant data is still hosted there in any official/unofficial website.

  66. Hi Dipanjan,

    I am Masters passed out from IIT Madras (2008-10). I wanted to know if there would be time for preparing for some other exams while in the job, in case I do not like the profile. Your inputs would be very helpful to me.


    • Hi KK,

      In general, any government job is less hectic that its IT counterpart. Saying that, I must mention that ISRO operates in a way which is very different form most of the government enterprises where people are characterized by just sitting back and relax, deferring their responsibilities for indefinite amount of time. Prior to launch missions, there may be a call for one to call for extended hours on weekdays or, in the worst case, on weekends, too. Be sure, that it is not the regular scenario. At VSSC, attendance system is centralized. In and Out times are tracked by the finger-print/punch-card system installed at the main gate. You are expected to work fro 8:45 AM – 5:15 PM, meeting the 8.5 hours of service requirement. Mostly, it depends on the division where one gets allocated to. Don’t plan anything presuming to get a company quarter (that’s the mistake I made). See my other replies in this regard.

  67. Hi sir
    I am student of 9th class and i wanted to join isro…plz guide me about it and plz tell me which books i should prefer
    Thanks and tell me is it too hard

  68. Should i prepare from now as I am student of 9th class and i wanted to join isro…plz guide me about it and plz tell me which books i should prefer
    Thanks and tell me is it too hard

  69. Hello sir ,
    i am a 2013 batch pass out from NIT Rourkela in Electronics & Instrumentation branch.

    10th-81.2 %
    B. Tech 7.4/10
    and there is a gap of 1 year between 12th and B.Tech. How much problem i will face if i apply for isro?

  70. Hi Dipanjan,

    your post is really nice.
    you decided to resign ISRO and went for Mtech@IIT. You said that we should wait for 3 yrs but, how did you get it in one yr?
    and after completing your master degree , (now at present) you will do projects in your feild or in future again you will move back to ISRO?


    • Hi Aarthy,

      You need to wait for three years if you want to retain your position at ISRO and at the same time want to get sponsored for higher studies. See my other replies to find the pros and cons of being a sponsored candidate. I have never applied for sponsorship. I resigned ISRO and joined IITM.

      I want to pursue PhD, so no plan to go back to what I have already left.

    • Hi Hari,

      There’s no cut-off mark, as such, so far I know, for ISRO written exam. GATE announces a qualifying marks every year, though. Again, that’s off no practical use.

  71. Hi Dipanjan,

    I have read your previous responsive replies..so,hope me to also will get that kind of reply for my post..

    My ISRO exams was scheduled on October 11,2015.. At present i’m working with an IT company .Basically i’m from EEE baground.. there is only a short span of time.. so,kindly help and let me know what kind of topics i have to prepare to crack the examss.

    thanks in advance 🙂

  72. Isro shortlists a bunch of candidates for interview from which required candidates are selected .then my question is on what basis those bunch of candidates are shortlisted for interview??there must be some cutoff mark for getting shortlisted for interview right.

    • Hello Hari,

      The cut-off, if at all there, is variable. For example, if I can remember correctly, ~143 candidates were called for interview (CS). Out of those many candidates, ~23 were selected. The trend is, as I noticed, to call 7X candidates to choose from. Even at IITs, the ratio of selected students to the students called for interview was around 1:5. I am sure ISRO called much less number of people in 2014. And, the cut-off is never published. Not in case of ISRO only, IITs also follow the same principle. Post GATE, if one satisfies eligibility criteria, he/she can apply to IITs/IISc. But, that never guarantees an interview call. It is always relative to others’ performance.

    • Hi Brijesh,

      There’s no training program immediately after selection, but after you join. The duration of the program, when I joined, was three months. It’s called IITP (ISRO Induction Training Program).

  73. Hello sir I would like to know do we have to carry the final year project report to the interview will they check everything bit by bit . i have not completed my project completely so bit worried about it please tell what kind of basic questions they will ask from final year project .

    • Hi Sambit,

      In my case, they asked a whole lot of questions from final year project. Actually, it’s easier for you to get them tied up with project rather than letting them ask random questions.

    • Hi Sambit,

      In my case, they asked a whole lot of question (in fact, that ate up 60% of my interview duration) from my final year project. The project was a quite challenging one, so I was happy to have their attention diverted to that. But, I can’t remember showing up my project report to them.

    • Hi Hemlatha,

      I had a plan to pursue higher studies before even I applied for ISRO. In GATE 2013, I had a GT rank of 106. Didn’t want to spoil that. Therefore, I left ISRO and joined IIT, Madras.

  74. Which mark copies I have to took to exam centre………
    Should I take all three 10 th 12 th btech mark copies…….only Xerox copies or original???

    • Hi Dany,

      Carry whatever there advertisement page/interview call letter asks for. But, my prior experience says that they never verify the documents at the exam center. Document verification is done scrupulously prior to interview, provided one clears the written test.

  75. sir in call letter we should only affix photograph ,but at venue it is given that they will check our photograph along with signature , am confused plz tell me we only fix photo to the call letter or shoud sign , and should take original certificates to exam or xerox copies

  76. Hi Dipanjan,

    I am 2013 B.tech in IT and completed my M.tech this year. I am appearing for ISRO SC to be held on 11th October. I am scared of the time factor actually. What should be my approach during exam. Can you please tell me the percentage of questions asked from previous year GATE papers? Plz reply soon if possible.

  77. HI Dipanjan,
    I have written my examination and there are lot of mistakes in the answer key,and it gives a feel that the organisation is not worth.What is your experience about it?.And where are u working now after completing your M.tech.

    • Hi Mahesh,

      I agree that answer keys may contain mistakes. At least some part of the questions are set by employees who are long detached from academics. At the same time, I think ISRO allows you to get back to them by a certain date after exam., should you have any issues with the answer keys.

      I have already shared my honest views in my blog post and other replies. Unless you ask something even more concrete, I have nothing much to say.

      Post Masters, I worked at BrowserStack (Mumbai) for one month. Thereafter, I have joined National University of Singapore (NUS) as a Post-Graduate Research Intern.

  78. Hello Dipanjan…

    This is Preethi… I very much interested to join in ISRO??? I already started preparing… May I know the salary for scientist in ISRO for freshers??? I cannot find any salary deatils in this blog…. Kindly share the salary of freshers 🙂

  79. Hi, great to see this blog and comments!
    you are addressing what i havent been able to find anywhere else. I am applying for ISRO architect post 2015. Exam is on 29 nov 2015. Can you tell me what i need to do to be fully prepared? any sort of advice is highly appreciated.Is general knowledge also included in the syllabus? what to expect in ISRO interview? Currently im solving previous gate question papers. How much probable is it that the question paper will be similar to gate?
    awaiting your reply

    • Hi Apoorva,

      To my belief, following GATE syllabus will prepare you more than what you need. At least for Computer Science, GATE questions are way difficult than ISRO ones. Additionally, most questions are of GATE pattern. I have seen a very low percentage of questions being taken almost verbatim from previous years’ GATE/ISRO exams. Do take timed tests. General knowledge, for Computer Science, is not a part of syllabus. You can expect technical questions only.

  80. Sir,
    Tanx for ur post it gives a positive hope for preparing well for the exam even in tough times.
    I am a Civil Engineering graduate,wrote my ISRO exam on 29th Nov,2015.
    I am scoring approx of 135/240, OBC is there any chance of shortlisting for interview?
    As we have a total of 8 posts and for OBC its only 2.
    Thank You,

    • Hi Uzma,

      If the trend hasn’t changed much from my time, you are on the border-line situation regarding shortlisting. Your category (OBC) may boost your chance of short-listing though, not sure.

  81. Dear Sir,
    I am suba doing first year m.tech telecommunication network and i did my B.E under the stream of ECE.
    To get a job in ISRO what I have to prepare for examination sir?particularly the syllabus.I am Indian and having the aggregiate percentages from my schooling sir….I know that you are not belongs to my stream sir..but right now you are my only choice to guide me…i have surfed a lot but the proper information was not given yet like when you searched before getting ISRO job…
    Anticipating your positive reply….

    • H Suba,

      I’m sorry to dishearten you. But as you already know that I’m from CSE background, I am not sure what sort of preparation you need to take to crack ISRO. May be someone else from ECE background can help you out.

  82. i have written isro exam for the posts of scientist engineer on oct 11th
    when they going to release the names of shortlisted people.usually how many days isro takes to validate the test…?

  83. Hello Dipanajan Sir,
    Thanks a lot for such a great post. It cleared my most of the doubts.
    I am 2015 passout (BE,CSE) and currently working in an IT firm. I missed ISRO exam in 2015 beecause last date of Submission of Application passed by 10 days only.(In 2013,advertisement was there for ISRO exam in Oct and the exam was in May,2014 so i was in this assumption that forms are filled in Oct and the exams are conducted in May.)
    I still have few doubts. Hope to get them cleared out as well.

    1. Does ISRO call for interview on the basis of GATE score also(somewhere i found ‘Yes’ but somewhere ‘No’)?
    2. Is there any fixed time in year in which ISRO advertises its vacancy or it depends upon their needs (and we need to visit its website regularly). May ISRO also cancel the advertisement for SC post in any year if they don’t need ?
    3. Please elaborate what strategy you followed for preparation of ISRO exam. As per your replies and post, it seems that you started preparation for ISRO exam after advertisment only, and also suggest some approach that we should follow(as i want to start preparation from now and waiting for the vacancies for 2016)?
    4. I am still not clear when did you appear for ISRO exam. As you said earlier, you appeared for ISRO exam on 14th Apr,2010 and by that time you were working in TCS, but you have completed your Btech from 2006-2010.

    • Hi Anisha,

      1. No, never.
      2. Generally they used to publish the advertisement around February. To be on the safer side, you should check their official site often and subscribe to some job mailing list which alerts you of government jobs. And yes, they did cancel CS intake a few years back for one year. The vacancy is centralized and demand-driven.
      3. Primarily, solve previous years’ GATE CS+IT and ISRO question papers in a timed manner. Whenever you get stuck, go back and consult your text. Believe me, the exercise takes a lot of time, especially finding “authentic” answers to questions which you are unable to solve yourself.
      4. Finished B.Tech in May 2010, joined TCS in Sept. 2010, ISRO ad. came out in Feb. 2011, taken ISRO exam in Apr. 2011, appeared for interview in Nov. 2011, resigned from TCS in March 2012, joined ISRO in March 2012.
  84. Hello Sir,
    Greeting to you.
    I m shortlisted for ISRO SC interview 2016. AIR 28
    My Branch is CS
    Does they focus on any question other than technical ?? I mean questions related space science and their working area ?

    • Hi Honey,

      I presume you have already attended the interview. It’ too late to reply on my part. I was so tied up with many real-life commitments. Do you want to share your interview experience with all other readers?

  85. whether this recruitment comes for every year .If then what will be the probable dates for that .
    please tell me the books if any for electrical engineering. thanks .

    • Hi Bhabani,

      I am not from ECE background. Therefore, I can’t suggest you anything specific. However, if they still follow the pattern from previous years, the advertisement comes out in February and written test is held in April.

  86. hi, I b.tech in computer science , I got call letter from isro . Can you please a explain how to prepare for it . On which subject I have to concentrate more.

    I am average in coding . Do I expect a highly programming interview..

    • Hi Ekta,

      I presume it’s already too late to reply. If you have already attended the interview, would you mind to share your experience with other readers?

  87. Hi Dipanjan,
    I have been working in cgi for 2 years now. Im interested in taking up the ISRO exam probably in 2017. What are the criterias to consider for preparing for the entrance? Should I join a coaching centre for a full fledged preparation. Or should I prepare it on my own?


    • Hi Dhiraj,

      Prepare on your own. Follow GATE syllabus and previous years’ question papers which essentially set the upper-limit of difficulty of questions you can expect in ISRO entrance.

  88. hello dipanjan

    do they ask for original documents?how much gap after interview process and joining date??i am doing mtech so do they allow to compete my mtech??

    • Hi Kishan,

      They ask original document prior to interview. For me, the gap was of 3.5 months. Whether they will allow you to finish off you M.Tech. probably depends on which semester you are in. One of my colleague who was in the final semester as on the date of joining was allowed to complete his M.Tech.

      • Hi Dipanjan,
        I too have this doubt as in the some of the selection list they have mentioned that “The validity of the selection panel was 1 year…”. What does it mean?.And if they allow us to complete their work before joining then what happens to the training program for them?.

        • Hi Mahesh,

          I am not quite sure about the ‘validity’ stuff. They allow M.Tech. to be completed if you are at the tail end of your degree. However, it requires you to seek permission at first.

    • Hi Ranjitha,

      Cutting a good figure in GATE is definitely a plus, that reflects your preparation is upto the mark. However, to get in to ISRO, you have to write their entrance exam separately.

  89. Hello Sir
    It was quite informative . Thank you Sir!!
    I am last year student studying electronics and communication engg. and truly desire to join isro. But i had a query whether giving gate exam or score of it is a criteria for applying for isro exam or so?

  90. Helo sir,
    I am doing my BE, Computer science 6th semester. My dream is ISRO. I have some doubts.
    1. Is there seperate exam for isro entrance or we have to write gate exam?
    2. Can i write exam on 2017 (8th semester) which month the exam is held?
    3. How much score we have to score in entrance exam?
    Kindly clear my doubts to reach my goal

    • Hi Varshini,

      1. ISRO conducts its own exam that’s different from GATE.
      2. Of course you can. The exam is generally conducted in April. It’s a long process. written exam followe by interviw. By the time, your final semester exam will be over.
      3. No competitive exam, including GATE, declares any cut-off. Your performance is judged on a relative scale against others’.
    • Hi sir,

      Am Rabiya, I wrote isro exam in 2015 but I didn’t clear it.It would be very helpful for me if u could suggest me exactly what and how to prepare for this written test because again second time i applied and am very much interested to start my career in ISRO. So please help me sir.
      Thank u.

    • Hello Dipanjan,
      I’m appreciate your dedication to help persons thought your blog post.

      I am going to appear for ISRO-2016 exam for engineer/scientist post with computer science background. Exam will be in July-2016. I’m working at Infosys and I have every day 8:30 to 6:30 schedule. I have only 2 month to prepare for a exam. Can only GATE and ISRO papers are sufficient to easily crack this exam. I’m 2015 Batch pass out student.I have prepared for gate last year but less mark i didn’t get admission in good college. But , I have some technical topics in my mind to refresh syllabus.

      Thank and Regards ,
      Tapan Dave

    • Hello Sir,
      I want to appear for ISRO exam this year.But the problem with me is that i am not able to solve the paper fast.I always lag behind on speed.How did you manage to write the paper on time and also how many questions did you attempt in your exam?Plz give me some tips regarding time management during exam.

    • yes sir i have solved but like i am always able to solve approx 39-45 ques in gate mock out of 65 ques.It is not that i don’t know how to solve these questions.It is just that i always lag behind.I experienced such a fate in gate 2016 also.I don’t want to repeat it again.I desperately need some time management strategy coz most of the time i end up feeling sad that i couldn’t solve the questions that i knew b’coz the time had slipped away.

    • hi

      iam arpita.completed b.tech in 2009.i hv only 2 yrs teaching experience.due to some reason i lost my job.currently job less.i hv a storng desire to be a astronaut. i hv appeared only one time for isro in yr 2010.after onwards i was not shortlisted for written test.my carrer is 88,82,71.but in yr 2015 its a miracle that i was shortlisted for written test.but it was unfortunate i couldnot appeared for written test.it is due to i alrady lost hope that i would be selected for written test.so this yr i was not preapred at all.but now iam preparing for it.as there is opening for 2016.so can u help me to guide that this yr they ll shortlist me.if i ll be selected in written test ll they ask about my carrer gap in interview.ll be a bad impression.please help me.

    • Hello Dipanjan,
      I’m appreciate your dedication to help persons thought your blog post.

      I am going to appear for ISRO-2016 exam for engineer/scientist post with computer science background. Exam will be in July-2016. I’m working at Infosys and I have every day 8:30 to 6:30 schedule. I have only 2 month to prepare for a exam. Can only GATE and ISRO papers are sufficient to easily crack this exam. I’m 2015 Batch pass out student.I have prepared for gate last year but less mark i didn’t get admission in good college. But , I have some technical topics in my mind to refresh syllabus.

      Thank and Regards ,
      Tapan Dave

      • Hi Tapan,

        Since you have two months at your disposal, solving GATE/ISRO question papers is the best bet. From my experience, taking timed tests and finding answers to the unsolved questions takes a lot of time. In the process, you will get engaged in discussion with your peers in several online forums working towards the same goal. And study in a demand-driven fashion, meaning that when you will get stuck, do consult the text then only. Don’t try to mug up the entire syllabus. A large fraction is grossly irrelevant given the current exam pattern.

    • Hi Dipanjan,

      I have applied for the isro exam for the scientist that is in july,,,,As i am able to see that you already suggested to follow the previous year question paper ,I would like to know only about the publication i have to follow for the satisfactory response? Can you pls. suggest me some of the forums for ECE students through which i can get better result of my queries (technical)..

      Thank you,

      • Hi Harpreet,

        By “publication”, do you mean research papers? For technical queries, you can join GATE preparation Facebook groups and Gatementor. Back in 2013, there were plenty of those with a lot of regular activities in terms of posts, discussions and replies.

    • Publication means,,, the publication of books for the solved paper to get better explanation.

      Thank you so much for reply Sir,

    • Hi Dipanjan,

      After announcing the result for interview, how much gap will be there for joining date? Is it possible for the selected candidate to choose Date of Joining?
      I am working in a MNC , where there is three months of notice period. So if the joining date mentioned by ISRO is less than three months, is it possible to postpone it?

      Thank you.

      • Hi Vijay,

        In my case, there was not much of a gap if my memory doesn’t betray me. They don’t explicitly allow a candidate to select the date of joining. However, if you have specific problem, you must communicate to them. I’m sure that they will try to help you out. Of course, it may depend on the number of days of delay you are requesting.

        In my case, I could give a notice to my company only ~18 days prior to the DOJ while I had to serve a notice period of sixty days. I compensated my company by an amount of me per day basic salary times the number of days of shortfall to obtain the experience certificate. Not to mention, that was a hefty amount.

    • Hello Dipanjan brother, iam preparing for ISRO exam and going to attend on coming July 3rd 2016 exam. Last year i had attended, but i have failed. but this year i want to win this exam. Can u give some tips to prepare? Iam going to start freshly. my mail id: praveenkj90@gmail.com

      • Hi Praveen,

        The preparation strategy has already been discussed several times. I encourage you to go through discussions taken place earlier on this post as well as others. At the same time, you can consider to be a part of my WhatsApp to get connected with your peers who are preparing for either GATE or ISRO. Discussing with them may help. In that case, please message me your WhatsApp details through the contact form on my blog (Don’t post your contact information publicly unless you want to get spammed).

      • Hi Anila,

        If you go by their instruction, it’s necessary if I can remember correctly. However, in reality, documents are never verified until you get selected and turn up for interview.

    • Hi Dipanjan,
      I am preparing for ISRO entrance in electronics from last 4 years. In first two attepmpts i was not quite serious. I started preparing form 3rd and 4th attempt. In 3rd attempt, i scored just 23. in 4th attempt, i focused on 3-4 subjects and practiced test with made easy publication and got 65 marks. I am planning to purchase whole made easy publication gate+PSU+IES material to study.
      I want to crack exam in this 5th attempt. Is these material purchasing a correct decision ? Should i cover all subjects of graduate to crack the exam or can i skip few? I am lacking in speed during exam. How do i overcome? Should i join any coaching classes for preparation ?(as i am doing job right now). Please suggest me for these queries. Thanks Buddy.

      • Hi Parmar,

        Good that you have not given up so far. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts to mail down what we want to achieve. Don’t let the fact discourage you. You can, of course, purchase the materials. It’ll act as a guideline. But, don’t treat those as “religious” documents to abide by verbatim. Personally, I don’t have a high esteem to coaching center materials. That saying, having a look won’t harm you, The key to success, at least what works for me every time, is to self-study. Thumb-rule is the same, no matter whatever competitive exam you are sitting for. Refer to multiple sources, including Internet and standard text books. Competition is so fierce now-a-days, it’s a risky affair to skip subjects. I am not from ECE background, so can’t advise you on that. But, once you spend a couple of hours in analyzing and categorizing the questions asked from different subjects in previous years, you should be in a position to judge it on your own. Stress on those subjects which are more frequently asked from. To improve speed, no black-magic can make wonder, but ‘practice’. Do not solve ‘questions’, take ‘tests’. Do not even take ‘tests’, take ‘timed-tests’. Have a clock counting down when you solve a full question paper. Simulate the exam environment when you practice, feel the stress, get used to it. Try to finish off before the the times exhausts, preferably with some buffer time in hand. Do not spend much time on a single question. You should mentally allocation some ‘quota’ of time to solve each question. If you are not able to solve within that limit, skip in the first round. Come back, if possible, in the second round. I never attended coaching classes. Therefore, don’t have any idea on how useful/useless they are. Again, don’t keep high hope to those classes. Lastly, I have a WhatsApp group for ISRO aspirants where many people who are on the same journey can collaborate or talk to each other. If you want to join, send your WhatsApp details through the contact form.

    • Hello sir,
      I have doubt about qualification criteria for isro 2017.

      Here clearly stated that “•BE/B.Tech or equivalent qualification in first class with an aggregate minimum of 65% marks or CGPA 6.84/10 (average of all semesters for which results are available).

      So in my case

      I have CPI 6.47 (average of all sem). And in Gujarat technological university CGPA calculated based on last four semester, which is in my case 7.27.

      so am I eligible for isro 2017???

    • Hello,

      I am currently in my 4th year, pursuing my B.Tech in CSE. I plan to apply for ISRO this May.
      I scored 94% in Class 10, 95% in class 12 and have an average GPA of 9.23 till 6th semester.

      Do you think I will be eligible to sit for the written test?
      Also, do you think fresher’s like me have an equally good chance of being recruited in ISRO, as someone with a few years of industry experience?

      I appreciate any help you can provide me.

      Thank you.

    • Hello sir,
      Iam currently pursuing B. Tech final year in computer science with aggregate of 67. I have 62 in intermediate and 75 in ssc. So am I eligible to apply isro scientist sc?

    • Hello sir,

      I think you have great experience in ISRO work environment,
      I want to crack the isro 2017 SC computer science exam
      I have query for that so please solve it
      1. My result is

      10th – 86.92
      12th – 71
      CGPA – 7.3 in Computer science
      am i eligible with this score?

      2. i want to crack this exam on this year 2017 and want to work as scientist
      so please tell me the what kind of work you do at isro as scientist

      3.I want to know that why you resign from isro? is there any disadvantages??

      4. Can we change our job location or get trasfer after posting?

      please help me out with my questions.

      Thank you

      • Hi Bhoomi,

        1. Check the official advertisement.
        2. That’s what this blog is about, right?
        3. I wanted to pursue higher studies, that’s it. It has got nothing to do with ISRO experience being good or bad.
        4. Already replied to someone else. Take time to browse the blog and read my responses.
    • Hello Sir,
      My educational profile is as follows:
      B.E. CGPA-7.69
      Is there any chance that I will be shortlisted for written test?

      • Hi Vaishnavi,

        If your profile is on or above their eligibility criteria as specified in the official advertisement, you’ll be shortlisted.

    • Hello sir,
      I am Shubham an engineering (computer science) graduate student
      with B.E. 78%
      12th 78%
      10th 83%
      I want to crack the entrance exam of ISRO in 2018 please suggest me initial steps so that I can start my preparation.

      • Hi Shubham,

        This question has already been answered many times in different forms. Read the post and the comments and my replies, too. Additionally, you can participate in discussion here.

    • Hello sir,
      In your post I noticed that you suggested to study mathematics from 11th and 12th books,sir it’s not possible for me to study complete book as I’m working prallely…Will you plz suggest some specific topics and mathemaTics book for isro civil engineering paper…

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