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  1. hello. i had a query regarding the post of scientist engineer ‘SC’ at ISRO. the post is for mechanical, electronics and Computer science. i have completed BE in Electronics and telecommunication with aggregate > 65%. can i apply for ‘computer science’ post via ICRB exam

    • Hi Krushikesh,

      So far I can remember, a few years back one of my friends who was from from IT background had a tough time to apply for CS. If they are too rigid, you may be disallowed. You better check with ISRO Head-Quarter. Do mail or call them. Don’t be discouraged if you need to call several times to receive a reply to your satisfaction. Just wondering if the official advertisement mentions anything in this regard.

  2. Hello sir.. i got selected for scientist post in sac ahmedabad.. my result was declared last week. My ques are –
    1. How long will it take for joining letter/ call letter to come and Will it come by post or mail ?
    2. Will there be any medical test conducted and where will it be conducted? At sac or at my state?
    3. After medical test do they give any time to join or u have to join immediately?
    4. What are the standards for eye as my eye sight is very weak -11D and -15D , will they reject me? Except this all is well with me.
    Kindly answer me sir as soon as possible. It will help me a lot.

    • Hi Shreya,

      Are you there in the WhatsApp group? There is at least one more candidate who has got selected. Join the group, post the same question and have others’ feedback, too.

      1. For me, probably it took couple of months and was delivered by post.
      2. The joining kit will have instructions, can be done either at hometown or ISRO centre.
      3. Depends where your medical tests are being done.
      4. Hard to comment. I haven’t seen/heard any such cases, though.
    • Hello Shreya,

      Was just going through the blog and found your question/clarification similar to that of mine.

      I belong to the recently selected Accounts officer post.

      1. When did they send you Call Letter/Offer of Appointment post announcement of results on web ?

      2. What would be approximately the time gap between the date of announcement of results and date of joining/reporting?

      Thanks in advance.
      Naresh 🙂

    • Hello, i am planning to take take the icrb exam and i also have weak eyesight – 8.50d and – 10.75d, since you went through the ordeal already can you please tell me if i am selected somehow, will i get rejected in tge medical test?

  3. Thank u sir for ur instant reply. Yes i am on whatsapp but not on ur group. How can i be a part of ur group?
    Basically sir i wear lenses and with lenses i have competely normal eye sight. I have a verys trong academuc background but all the psu,ias, Ies jobs requires eyesight to b less than -4D for tech services. But for isro no medicals standards are listed on website.

  4. Hi Deepanjan,
    First of all thank you for giving a lot of insight into the interview process. I have heard that generally candidates with more years of industry experience have a slight edge towards the selection in interview. Is this true? I know there is a upper age limit to the process. Will having more years of industry experience be seen a positive or negative quality while judging a candidate?

    • Hi Jagannath,

      I was a candidate with 1.5 years of experience when attended the interview. I don’t think that gave me any edge over others. What ISRO works in is not quite a aligned to regular industry jobs and vice versa.

  5. Hi ,

    I got selected for Technical assistant post. I submitted verification forms. I would like to know how much time it will take to complete the verification process , also can you please explain me how C&A, IB verification will be done and is there any medical examination for us, as i have -4D sight.Will this create any problem at the time of joining.Do they conduct medical examination or ask us to do at our own.

    Thanks in advance

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