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  1. Hello Dipanjan , Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information. I would like to know more about IITs M.tech point you mentioned. After 3 years service at ISRO, if we appear for GATE again, what is process to get into IISC or IIT, for sponsored candidates do we have separate rank list, how is it easy as compare to regular admission? would you please clear it more?

    • Hi Anita,

      Generally getting into IITs/IISc as a sponsored candidate is a lot easier than appearing as a regular candidate. With all these institutes, ISRO has its sponsored quota reserved. Seats are not too many, generally 2-3 per branch per institute. Most probably, some of those seats are shared by organizations other than ISRO which comes under DOS (Department of Space). Sponsored candidates need to have a valid GATE score to apply to IITs/IISc. Rank doesn’t really matter as hardly I have seen a sponsored candidate with a eye-catching GATE score/rank. As an example, I had a GATE score of 801 and rank 106 last year, still I didn’t qualify for IISC-CSA-M.Tech, but one of my seniors from ISRO having ~3.5K rank could get into IISc! Apart from that, one needs to have clearance from everyone above him/her in the hierarchy, starting from Division Head, Group Head, Deputy Director, Director, Establishment Division etc. Going as a sponsored candidate is beneficial in the sense you’ll be drawing your regular salary during the tenure of study and this period will be counted towards your service life. Even you’ll be eligible for salary increment, too. But one downside is that there is a bond of 5 years or ~12 lakhs in case of bond is broken. I am not sure whether a sponsored candidate is allowed to sit for campus placement.

      Anything else?

  2. hello Dipanjan,
    thanks for such detailed insight. Can you please let me know if for mtech candidates ISRO has any separate recruitment process or is it through written test for scientist B?

    • Hi Adrip,

      I’m not sure whether there’s any separate intake for M.Tech. candidates. But, I have seen people who have updated their latest degree to be Masters once they join the job and thus enjoyed the benefit like first promotion in two years. Again, they have some rule that requires some period of the degree to be overlapping with the stay at ISRO.

  3. thanks Dipanjan. Also the entry level position ISRO offers is Scientist/ Engineer (SC) whereas for DRDO it is scientist B . what is the difference ?

  4. To me, the only difference is additional delay in promotion (From B to C) and a little difference in compensation. In ISRO, starting from Grade C, the promotion curve goes like SC -> SD -> SE -> SF -> SG -> G -> H -> Outstanding Scientist -> Distinguished Scientist

    • thanks Dipanjan. i got a offer for scientist b at NTRO. pay scale is 15600-39100( grade pay 5400). what will be the approx salary in hand in this scale ? also the probation period is mentioned 2 years. usually it is 1 right ? . currently am in IT for 4 years. Just not able to decide whether to make the switch or stay back.

      also have appeared in 2014 ISRO selection. awaiting the results of written exam.

      • Hi Adrip,

        I joined ISRO at the same pay-scale. According to my experience, you’d start with ~45,000/Month. After deduction of Tax (Minimum), NPS-Tier-I (New Pension Scheme), CHSS (Contributory Health Service Scheme), Education Sess and Canteen bills (depends on you), you’ll receive ~37,800/Month in hand. The figure I have given you is inclusive of HRA (House Rent Allowance) and TA (Travelling Allowance).

          • Hi Sarang,

            If they are strict about cut-off, I guess that would be a problem then. ISRO doesn’t come for on campus placement at IITs/IISc now-a-days, probably because of some legal issues. Anyway you can fill up the form and see if they allow you to sit for written examination.

          • hi Dipanjan,

            nice ,,sir i want to know about adrip, where he currently working…if he working in NTRO i need some information from him.

          • Hello Sir
            According to you , how is the Masters at NUS in electronics and communication engineering compare to the top IITs like IITB and IITD etc in terms of Research and overall quality.
            Please explain in detail.
            Thank You.

          • Hi Prashant,

            Because that neither I am not from ECE background nor I am pursuing the same domain here, I don’t qualify to comment/contrast/compare the same to give you any valuable insight. In general, the administration here is much streamlined, may be because of the inherent Singaporean culture. The facilities are light years ahead if I compare the infrastructure to IITs. Precisely, I don’t know how the faculty quality of ECE is.

          • Thanks Sir for quick response.
            But if we compare NUS and IISc or IITs in terms of research and quality irrespective of branch then whuch one is better. As NUS ranks among top ten institution in the world and IITs are way behind it creates a lot of confusion.
            Thank You

          • Hi Prashant,

            You can’t directly compare two schools in terms of research/exposure etc. Those metrics which you see in QS or similar websites, sometimes those are bloated up humongously, sometimes deflated. Rather, my sincere suggestion is to zoom down on your research area, find one or more professor(s), see how active they are and choose one. In other words, prefer the quality of supervisor over any other parameters, even the reputation of school itself.

          • Hi Neha,

            Reading ISRO related posts on my blog, you should get a fair idea. Besides, my experience is five years old. To have an updated perspective on the same, please join my WhatsApp group to network with other ISRO aspirants.

  5. Hi Dipanjan,

    I am glad I came across your blog. I am a PhD student in Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University, Alabama, USA. My research is in the areas of Orbital Mechanics, Optimal Control. I am anticipating to finish my PhD in May 2015. After that I am thinking of working with the ISRO Satellite Center (ISAC) in Bangalore. I think one is given a Scientist SD position after PhD. Though I want to work with ISAC, I must tell you that I am skeptical about the financial as well as professional rewards. I want to get as much info about working culture and all that stuff before I leave US. Because once I leave US it is tough to get back .Could you please tell me (to the best of your knowledge) the starting salary for Scientist SD position? Also in your honest opinion how is the work culture there, does one get to work on good projects? Is it a good choice to leave the US and work there? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for the blog!

    • @Ashish..For orbital mechanics, Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC), Trivandrum is the right place not ISAC. The trajectory is designed from VSSC, and ISAC is a mere satellite supplier. Hence, if you are thinking that you want to stay at ISAC, Bangalore and work for ISRO, it would be a bad-decision, as Orbital Mechanics is not their cup of tea. Frankly, speaking the work culture in ISRO is completely different from an academic institution. You will feel a large emptiness here after you come from an US university.

      The term “project” here got no meaning. The thing is that you will get to work in different mission designs of ISRO like the moon, mars, other reentry missions. The salary for an SD is around 65k, and 52 in hand.

      My personal suggestion for you to join in an academic institute India, and try to work for the aerospace sector, by proposing innovative projects. Working in ISRO, DRDO, ADA, NAL, and HAL is like the culture is more stereotyped without any personal freedom. The choice now is yours.

      • @Ashish..The information I have given is from my own experience of ISRO. I have been here for last 8 years. Whatever I have told you about the orbital design is from my VSSC experience, you have to find out from somebody about contribution of ISAC to the orbit or trajectory design.

        • Thank you Digendra for your reply. I appreciate your suggestion of joining academia and and I will have to make a choice sooner or later. For hiring PhD graduates ISRO has a live register on its website. I have registered on the website and hoping for a call-up. Since you are already working at VSSC, do you know of any people who were hired through that register after their PhD? Also, do you know of any other ways to get into VSSC after PhD?

          Also, I have seen research papers on orbital mechanics by people at both VSSC and ISAC. The reason I mentioned ISAC was I had visited ISAC in June 2013. I had found a contact there (who also got his PhD from my university in the US). ISAC also has Flight Mechanics Division which deals with Orbital Mechanics, Attitude dynamics etc. In VSSC, I guess Applied Mathematics is the department which works in Orbital Mechanics.

          Thank you agian!

          • Dear Ashish,

            I am extremely sorry for the misinformation about ISAC. What you have told is right. Actually the satellite trajectories are designed by them. Especially like the Chandrayaan and Mars orbiter mission.

            I think for Ph D guys the website is the only root.
            However, I would tell you to try in IITs too.
            In my opinion, you would have a bright future there. Rest you decide.

            Thank you for replying back.

  6. Hi Dipanjan,

    Currently i am associated with an IT Company and looking forward to give a try for ISRO SC post (if openings are there for 2015). Having 10+ years of exp and a family, will it be worth pursuing the career in ISRO ? Being a bachelor i would have not this second thinking. Please help me If I could give a try in ISRO.

    Thanks for your detailed blog.


    • If it’s because of MOM’s success has allured you to join ISRO, then go ahead. The prestige, as an ISROian, is enormous. Unfortunately, so is not the pay packet. The work environment is better than an average IT industry, but the career growth is not that steep. There’s no onsite, unless they send you to Mars in some future manned mission! You’ll earn in INR, but never in $ or #. Being a part of ISRO, you may feel super-proud to post MOM’s pics, at the same time you may feel bad while your peers post pics of California or Toronto. Jokes apart, your decision is parameterized by so many factors, compensation at month end being the most dominant ones. On an average, one after spending 10+ years in IT should have a salary which prohibits him to move out anywhere but IT. What did exactly trigger the thought in you of switching to ISRO? May be, after knowing that I can suggest you better.

      • Hi Dipanjan,

        Thanks for your prompt reply.

        Its not only MOM’s success but also i was an admirer of ISRO and dreamt about it because of shri Abdul kalam right from my college days.I didn’t pursue it earlier was because of high competition and the Gate Syllabus which i didn’t prepare due to lack of self confidence.

        After going through few articles (including your blog) i thought of giving a try for this. If not now never i will get a chance.

        Even in IT industry, I could not survive after 45 yrs of age if i am continuing in technical side. I never had dream of moving onsite.

        After MOM’s success i went through ISRO career site (for every site I go, my hand automatically moves to this career page ) found 2014 advertisement suiting my qualifications. Thought of giving a try, and further found your blog to be more point blank about the life style.

        I want a compensation, which i can use it for educating my kid and for my daily expense should be more than sufficient. Post retirement i didnt think as of now. I find it too early to think about it. If these things can be met, i can think of pursuing career in this organisation.

        • If you are so inspired, then go ahead. Earlier I tried to ‘discourage’ you by telling you the truth which you might find hard to accept once joined ISRO. But, there’s a bright part of the story, too.

          There’s no published syllabus as such. Assuming it to be the same as GATE is the safest. Competition is not as as hard as GATE is now-a-days. It’s true that it’s difficult to survive in IT after a few years. From that perspective, it’s a lot easier to continue with ISRO after 45. As an Engineer-SC, you’d start with ~45,000/Month. After deduction of Tax (Minimum), NPS-Tier-I (New Pension Scheme), CHSS (Contributory Health Service Scheme), Education Sess and Canteen bills (depends on you), you’ll receive ~37,800/Month in hand. The figure I have given you is inclusive of HRA (House Rent Allowance) and TA (Travelling Allowance). Government will provide you with unlimited medical coverage for you, your spouse and first two children. All the top-class nursing-homes and hospitals are covered. Not only hospitalization, but day-to-day medical expenses can also be claimed end to end, for Doctor’s fees, medical investigations, medicines etc. Probably some part of your children’s education is also paid back though I’m not much sure about it. The amount deducted towards NPS is divided among three heads as 30%+30%+40%. The return from those shares is your pension. Probably you are allowed to draw 15% of your NPS investment, in case you need it. Works hours is moderate (8 hours), though your division head may want you to work a few hours more in case of any immediate requirement, e.g. pre-launch activity. Whether you’ll be asked to do so depends on the division/project you are in. However, needless to say, it’s occasional and far less hectic than any IT company’s schedule. Most of the people do it happily as they find a noble cause to serve the nation and country. Please take a note, there’s no practice of ‘overtime’ payment in such cases, but you can avail a cab to drop you at doorstep.

          • Thanks for your detailed reply and patiently explaining things. Well.. Let me give a try and start preparing as of now.

            Once again Thanks.

  7. Hello Dipanjan sir,
    I wanna know about salary details of isro.At present with DA =107% my calculations stand as
    Basic= 15600+5400=21000,
    DA=1.07 X 21000=22470
    HRA=.3 X 21000=6300(Considering Bangalore)
    NET SALARY=51370
    Plz tell me sir is there any mistake in my salary calculation as you have mentioned 45k in your posts.I also wanna know sir about all the deductions.

    • When I left ISRO in July 2013, I used to receive Basic (15600 + 5400 = 21000), HRA (4200 at Trivandrum), DA (16800), TA (1600), DA on TA (1280) = 44,800. Accordingly, the deduction, after all tax savings, was around ~7,000. Government salary, especially DA keeps on revising every year. The figure I provided earlier was correct at that time. It will, anyway, be more at present.

  8. Hi Dipanjan,

    Nice write up. Got to know lot of things about life @ isro.
    I am Srikanth, I work for a IT company as software tester since past 4 years(boring job -_-)
    I am planning to write exam of ISRO in coming year, 2015. I am too much interested in space things and would want myself to be in a org. which will give me sense of pride and satisfaction of working for space stuffs.
    I am MCA (Master of Computer Applications) post grad and have been out of touch of computer science/math things, please tell me how many months of preparation is required generally to clear these? I googled for syllabus and it looks huge! almost all of what I studied in MCA.

    Also let me know if you have any idea of payscale for SC’s after 7th pay commission? 😉


  9. Hi Dipanjan,

    I have received an interview call from ISRO for 2014 recruitment of scientists.
    I want your guidance on some of my doubts-

    1. I am from Mechanical Engineering.
    Which are the departments & locations of ISRO, which are most likely to be allocated to Mechanical guys ?

    2. Do they allocate departments at the time of joining itself or it would be done after probation period?

    3. What would be the probable location for probation period?

    4. Do they ask for candidate’s preference while allocating department?

    5. I am highly interested to join Antrix, Is it possible to join Antrix through this route? If not, what is the procedure for joining Antrix.

    Thanks in advance !

    Pankaj Jindal

      1. VSSC, Trivandrum has divisions for Mechanical people. There may be other centres, though.
      2. Department allocation is done at the time of joining itself.
      3. Location of probation period is the same as that of your base branch. During IITP (ISRO Induction Training Program), you will be sent to various other ISRO centres. Most part of IITP is held at VSSC. Please note that training period (i.e. IITP) is very different from probation period.
      4. Unfortunately, no.
      5. No idea whatsoever.
  10. Hi,

    I read, for written exam, ISRO will select candidates. Not all who apply will be called for written exam!. So I’m planning to give out a try coming year, I’m not hoping to get selected. So if I apply again in the year 16/17,say, will they select again? given that I have met basic criteria for applying.

    Also, the age relaxation is till 35 years, so say if I’m writing @35, will they give preference for older candidates, with good performance?


    • Hi Srikanth,

      There is no upper limit of attempts as long as you meet the age bar for the category (Gen/Reserved) you belong in. Most probably the cut-off for appearing in written exam is 60% and if you meet that, they’ll let you sit for the same even in consecutive years.

      Also,I don’t think that you ‘age’ (older/younger) is a deciding criteria for the selection process.

  11. Hi sir
    I have done my B.E in ECE.I have written exam for technical assistant.
    1.If i get select,will my posting will be in vssc only or any other center of isro.What are the chances ?
    2.can i come in scientist rank once joining as technical assistant?If yes how many years will it take to come in scientist rank?
    3.Will isro provide accomadation also ?where are the division for ece people?
    4.Even if am posted in any other centers,how long I have to be there?After working there will i be posted in other places or permanant postings only?
    5.what is the role of technical assistant in isro?
    6.is permanent postings possible in isro?

    • Hi Vignesh,

      1. It can be any ISRO centre, completely demand driven.
      2. No idea.
      3. Accommodation is there for Scientists/Gazetted officers, but again I’m not sure about Technical Assistants. Even for Scientists also, it takes 2-3 years to get a quarter allocated at some centres like VSSC where demand is high. On the contrary, at centres like SHAR (Sriharikota), it is readily available. There are many divisions for ECE people. At VSSC, it is mostly located at TERLS.
      4. You may apply for relocation, but to get it approved, it may take quite long time. Also, such requests are entertained only if vacancy is available. Mutual transfer is easier.
      5. Already answered in other reply.
      6. Yes, write exam for Scientist/Gazetted officer’s post.
  12. Hello sir,
    My question is
    1.Is m.tech necessary for achieving higher rank in isro (or) with experience one can achieve higher rank?
    2.If m.tech is necessary, in which field i have to do since i am a ECE graduate?

    • Hi Vignesh,

      1. Not at all. The rank given for the written exam is solely on the basis of the exam itself. Also, I had many colleagues who joined with me without having any prior job experience or M.Tech degree.
      2. M.Tech won’t help you to get into ISRO, but probably they have a rule like if you have 1/3 of M.Tech tenure (i.e. 8 months) overlapped with your service period at ISRO, you become eligible for the first promotion (i.e. SC –> SD) in 2 years instead of regular 4 years. Regarding this, if you have further queries, I can connect you to one of my friend who’s having M.Tech. and still continuing with ISRO.
  13. Hi dipanjan sir,

    I want your guidance on some of my doubts-

    1. I am from Electronics Engineering.
    Which are the departments & locations of ISRO, which are most likely to be allocated to electronics guys ?
    2.What is IITP (ISRO Induction Training Program)?

    • Hi Vignesh,

      1. There are numerous division operating independently in various locations. Moreover, ISRO needs ECE and ME people more than CSE guys. Given the fact, it’s hard to predict your base location apriori. But, there is a decent chance to get in VSSC, Trivandrum.
      2. As the name suggests, it is a three month long program (at least it was so during IITP-24 which I underwent) to induce you to ISRO work culture, missions, fundamentals of ‘rocket-science’ etc. Scientists working with ISRO as well as retired ones are invited to deliver lecture. That’s a great learning opportunity for anyone interetsed in space science. There are exams in between, but nothing to worry about it as such. They will take you to ISRO centres at various locations, including Sriharikota where you will get to see the launchpads, one of its kind and it is a lifetime experience. IITP completes with a one month long project at the end.
  14. Hi dipanjan sir,

    Recently I went through various post that isro recruits.I have following doubts:
    1.what is the role of JRF/SRF(junior and senior research fellows) in isro, though isro recruits scientist?
    2.what is the role of technical assistant that various isro centre recruits?
    3.Do graduate apprentice does same job what a scientist does in isro?Is there any difference or similarities you find?


    • Hi Vignesh,

      1. No idea.
      2. Technical assistant, as the designation says, are hired as helping resources in different divisions. They do mostly book-keeping type of jobs, e.g. preparing documents, code commenting etc.
      3. No idea
  15. Hello sir,
    I want to appear for ISRO exam this year.But forms are not out yet.Generally every year ad is published in Feb.Every year exam is conducted?Is there any chance of no exam this year?

  16. Hi,
    I just want to know how would ISRO be from cse point of view. Actually i have a passion of doing coding and development works.will i get proper coding work in ISRO??
    As u told earlier in the blog that cse people do develop compilers and other launching softwares….do these are the prime works or there are some more too??

    • Hi Kishalay,

      Everything depends on the division you are being allotted in. I have worked in two divisions, viz. Computer Division (COM) and Flight Software Division (FSD). First one it no different than an what a below average IT firm does. I didn’t stay more than three months there. The second one was superior as far as work quality is concerned. FSD has got much more aligned to ISRO mainstream. There are a few other divisions, too, e.g. Aero Parallel Computing Facility (APCF), where the nature of work is apparently rewarding, e.g. dealing with Super-Computing stuffs etc. That saying, I want to forewarn you that staying long with Govt. sector makes CS people harder to switch over later at any point of the career. The technology which one works in ISRO, to be very frank, either outdated or mostly specialized which an IT firm hardly works in.

      • Thanks for your reply deepanjan.
        Let me inform u about my current situation.I have scored 686 with a rank of 798 in gate this yr.so could you please suggest me in which IIT i may get admission??
        As you are in IITM now..so is there any chance to get into there?
        And also please suggest the subject one should take in mtech??

        • IISc (CSA), IITB (TA), IITM (M.Tech), IITD(M.Tech), IITKGP (M.Tech – last time they changed the procedure) are impossible as the intake is through direct calls. By no chance, these will shift down to your rank. IISc (SERC), IITM (MS), IITK (M.Tech, depends if you clear their cut-off), IITB (RA), IITD (JCA) are possible as they call for interview.

          By ‘subject’, what do you mean?

          • I mean which are the topics i can chose as my mtech course on cse??
            I love to do coding…so from that point of view which topics are good for future ??

  17. Hi Kishalay,

    Not all IITs offer the same set of courses. Once you get into some course, seniors in your branch should be able to help you out. In case of IITM, Advanced Programming Lab (APL), Planning and Constraint Satisfaction (PCS), Concurrent Programming (CP), Pattern Recognition (PR), Compiler, Machine Learning (ML) are sort of coding heavy courses.

  18. Sir
    i have been selected for interview for the post of isro assistants(administrative support staff).1)Can you please tell me about the job profile and 2)how much in hand salary,grade pay for the post is 2400.3)Right now i am preparing for civil services,is this job suitable for studying while working i.e work load,etc.Please tell me sir.
    Thank you

    • Hi Sharavani,

      I don’t really have any idea whatsoever on the job profile ISRO offers for administrative stuffs. But, no doubt the work pressure will be less compared to a similar position in any regular IT firm. Since I could prepare for GATE and cut a good figure in the same, I’m sure that you can do so, too. In fact, I have seen many people rank < 100 in GATE while serving ISRO. Do take care of proper time management and ensure that you are not wasting time between switching from study to work and vice versa. Keep you fingers crossed.

  19. Hi Dipanjan sir,
    I want your guidance on some of my doubts-

    1.Do isro scientists get a chance to go to other countries for training purpose since it’s a research field like navigation,climatic research,disaster management etc.?
    2.As you already told us that it take some years to get isro quarters.Instead of getting isro quarters,can a scientist get Govt or CPWD quarters.Which type is generally allotted to them-type III or type IV.
    3.Do all scientist in isro can attest a document or only a certain scientist can attest?Also verification is done by local police,right?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Vignesh,

      1. Have seen people attending national level workshops, including those held in IITs and IISc, but never seen someone going to attend an international one.
      2. No idea. Personally I didn’t apply for quarters. I rented a 2-BHK shared with another batch-mate from ISRO.
      3. The all-India exam (ICRB) is conducted for the post of Class-A, gazetted officers (Scientist-‘SC’). Once their names are enlisted in gazetted after one year probation is over, they are allowed to attest documents. In short, scientists can, but technical stuffs can’t. There’s no police verification done for attested documents.
    • Hello Vignesh,

      I haven’t seen someone going to any non-ISRO organization, but have seen scientists coming from BARC for training purpose.

  20. Hi Dipanjan sir,

    By going through your blogs iam learning many things.But still iam having few doubts.
    1.There are various regional remote sensing service centre(RRSSC)[like jodhpur,nagpur) of isro.These centres work individually or supports the various centres of isro?
    2.what is the Minimum Eligibility period (MEP) for promotion for various ranks in isro?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Vignesh,

      1. My feeling is, all those operate individually to achive a common national goal.
      2. The first promotion, i.e. SC to SD is time-bound. After completion of four years od service tenure, one gets an interview call for the first promotion. Maximum it can be delayed by six months. This interview is held at base branch. People who have done their Masters and have at least one-third (i.e. eight months) of their coursework overlapped with service tenure at ISRO are eligible for first promotion at the end of two years. Once you are promoted to SD, subsequent promotions are uncertain. On an average, at every four-five years, one gets an interview call for next promotion. This interview is held at ISRO HeadQuarters, Bangalore. But, instances of rejection in such cases are plenty.
  21. Hello Sir,
    My name is Mallikarjun.K from Karnataka, i got call letter for Graduate Apprenticeship and i want to join VSSC before that i want know to what all benefits that VSSC provides during the training and after completion of the apprenticeship? What type training they will provide for Production Engineers? Is there any chances for getting job into it after completion? Based on what they are going to absorb the apprenticeship completed candidates? and what are the opportunities for such candidates to join there?
    Please reply.
    Thank sir…….

  22. Hi Dipanjan sir,
    I have following doubts
    1.Do DRDO have a separate pay scale or it’s similar as ISRO?
    2.You already said that Permanent posting is possible in isro but is there any possibility of permanent posting in DRDO?
    3.what is antrix corporation ?is it just a marketing arm of isro ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Reshma,

      If you are referring to technical assistant, so far I have seen doing them book-keeping stuffs. Those are mostly routine work, e.g. preparing documentation. I can’t quite remember to see them delegated with any mainstream responsibilities. Saying that, you should never be discouraged as the practice varies from one division to another. Your fate will be decided mostly on the decision where you will be put in.

  23. Sir,

    According to you, which is the most preferred qualification needed to join ISRO? Btech or Mtech? at the end of the day, are both these graduates writing the same paper?

    Thank you

    • Hi Varsha,

      Joining as an M.Tech. is beneficial only in case if one-third of the study period (i.e. eight months) is overlapped with the service period. Only in that case, one gets the first promotion after two years instead of regular four years.

      Regarding writing papers, IMHO there are many papers which are either not of ‘that’ high quality or too area specific. Again, that doesn’t depend on the highest degree earned (B.Tech or M.Tech). Authoring a research paper is not even a mandatory task one needs to accomplish.

  24. Hi Dipanjan,
    Are the employees allowed to take a residence outside the premises of ISRO?
    I find not allowing parents into bachelor quarters also very annoying.
    Is there that chance of staying outside?
    Also what is the number of leaves available for a SC at ISRO???

    • And also which all locations does a Computer Science “SC” get posted?
      Will it be only VSSC or can it ISTRAC centre at Bangalore too? If yes what is the criteria of posting at various places ?

      • Hi Raghav,

        Posting is on requirement basis. May be VSSC, may be ISTRAC, may be SHAR or elsewhere. Their is no announced criteria as such.

    • Hi Raghav,

      Once you join as ‘SC’, you will be accommodated in their guest house for ~10 days to find an accommodation on your own. If you wish, you can request for quarter. But your request will be put at the end of a long queue. There will already be plenty of such request pending. What I have heard, on an average, it requires ~2-2.5 years to get a quarter. Also, you need to resubmit your request every year at due time. Otherwise, your prior request will loss its validity.

      Leaves are as follows: Casual Leave (CL) => 8, Special Leave => 3, EL (Earned Leave) => 30, Sick Leave (SL) => 15. Special Leaves can be spent as CL or if you do not use those, those will be counted towards your EL balance. You can accumulate maximum 300 ELs over the period of your service. Any EL beyond that will be lost/wasted.

  25. Hi Dipanjan,

    I am a BARC employee and working as Scientific Assistant with grad pay of Rs. 5400, total experience is appx 10 yrs. I am trying to get the job in ISRO as Scientist/Engineer ‘SC’ Mechanical. My questions are;

    1. Is there any chance of posting in North zone (Dehradun, Delhi) for Mechanical guys.
    2. Is ISRO batter than BARC w.r.to working culture?
    3. What will be the gross salary at the time of joining? I am getting appx 55 K without HRA in BARC.
    4. How much is the year gap between the promotions?

    • Hi Kunal,

      1. Can’t say. Posting is apparently on-demand basis. My perception is, most of the work related to launch vehicle which Mechanical Engineers are hired for are done in VSSC, Trivandrum, Kerala.
      2. I have never worked in BARC, can’t comment really. But, ISRO has got its own pros and cons. Read the post you have commented on.
      3. When I joined, I used to receive ~38K in-hand, including HRA.
      4. First promotion (SC -> SD is time-bound, with a delay of 6 months at most. Subsequent ones are totally the discretion of the authority. An employee’s name is sent from his/her respective division to the higher authority for DPC (Departmental Promotion Committee) review. One needs to face an interview either at you base branch or at the HeadQuarters depending on the promotion you are eligible for. There are frequent rejection cases where the employee has got nothing to do but wait for the next promotion cycle.
    • Hi Midhun,

      The eligibility cut-off for the posts of BE001/002/003 (Scientist/Engineer – SC) is B.E./B.Tech. If you are overqualified, then that should only set the expectation bar higher. Saying that, I must admit that it’s my personal opinion. I have neither direct nor indirect experience of how the panel looks into the matter.

    • Hi Pravar,

      Forget about bungalow. Once you join as ‘SC’, you will be accommodated in their guest house for ~10 days to find an accommodation on your own. If you wish, you can request for quarter. But your request will be put at the end of a long queue. There will already be plenty of such request pending. What I have heard, on an average, it requires ~2-2.5 years to get a quarter. Also, you need to resubmit your request every year at due time. Otherwise, your prior request will loss its validity.

      Regarding the type of quarter, I am not sure. But, there are restrictions, like parents not permitted etc. That’s why most bachelors prefer to arrange one on their own and claim the HRA.

  26. Hi,

    I am a MCA grad. I was really taken aback and also sad that MCA/MSc people are not eligible for applying for upcoming SC exams. Was this criteria there before?


  27. Is scientist ‘SC’ not a permanent post in ISRO because in their job advertisement they mention that :The posts are temporary, but likely to continue

    • Hi Jyoti,

      It’s a permanent post with probation for initial few months. That’s why it’s written like that. Saying that, I have never seen/heard someone getting terminated during the probation.

    • Hi Shweta,

      It’s difficult to give you an unanimous answer. Mostly it depends on the division one gets put in. Honestly, it may be as bad as developing in-house, infrastructural software, e.g. e-Mail, Canteen Management, Recruitment portal, Website maintenance etc. Example of a better work profile could be programming jobs to be run on SuperComputer or developing flight software to be used on-board of a launch vehicle. Does the responsibility of developing a complete tool-chain end-to-end, i.e. assembler, compiler, linker, loader etc. thrill you? It may await you at ISRO, too.

  28. Hii Dipanjan Sir,
    I had appeared for Gate 2015 and cleared with an AIR of 1850 and a gate score of 597 . I am getting admission into nits but I am little bit confused whether to go for it or not. Currently I have following options with me:-
    1. Go for m tech in Computer Science from NITs
    2. Go for a job in IT company
    3. GO for ISRO exam-2015
    Should I go for work experience of 2 years and then apply for GATE or should I go for mtech right now just after Btech??

    • Hi Priyanka,

      The company which you have been hired by is supposedly a good one. I have one senior working over there. It’s Hyderabad based, right? And I think they pay well, too. I will not suggest to go for #1. Doing M.Tech from NIT is not really an option, no offence intended. There is one option #4 you suggested, working for a couple of years and write GATE once again.

      Between #2 and #3, you have to choose yourself. There is no one-liner answer to that. ISRO has its own pros and cons which I have already covered in my blog post. If you are money-minded, better refrain from it. Worse is, even if you sacrifice earning money, you may not get the desired job profile at ISRO. It solely depends on the division you are being assigned to. Check my recent replies to get a faint idea of what ISRO can offer you. IT jobs are hectic, in general. I don’t know how your company specifically operates. Do they have a good career prospect in IT? Will you have time to spend on studies? Ask one who’s already working.

      I’d love to see someone option #4. If you join an IT company, in most of the cases, people end up in giving up their desire to pursue study further. Raw money is the trap people used to fall in. Working in IT, writing GATE being a GEN category candidate requires a lot of dedication and hard work, probably more than what you think. I have been through that phase. Believe me, if you stick your aim and nail it down, the end result is sweet, something you can cherish lifelong and boost your confidence up for next few years.

  29. Hi,

    I’ve few questions:

    1) What is the transfer policy at ISRO especially for female employee’s? Is it in every 2-3 years OR there is no fixed interval?
    2) As you mentioned sometimes you might have to work on weekends and I read somewhere that sometimes they call you to work at night as well. How is it going to be for female employee’s, any idea?
    3) Is there any specific resource, which you would like to suggest for ISRO preparation. I checked last few years papers, and I’ve seen that it covers the basics of every topic without going into too much detail. Based on that(I’ve 3 month’s time for preparation), I was thinking of covering each module of GATE syllabus by going over it’s concepts on internet for next 2 months with solving few MCQ questions (obviously). For last 1 month, solve last 10-15 years ISRO/GATE papers.
    What do you suggest for such 3-month preparation plan? Also how much your work-ex plays a role during interview round?

    I’ve asked a lot of questions, looking for quick response, thanks in advance for the answers.

    • Hi Ravi,

      Here is the replies to your queries:

      1. ISRO doesn’t have any official/announced transfer policies. People apply for transfer and wait until the verdict is announced. Sometimes mutual transfer becomes easier, means if you know someone who wants to swap his/her location with someone else, transfer approval becomes easier. For female employees, again, I haven’t heard giving them any priorities.
      2. ISRO doesn’t have any official/announced overtime policies for female employees in special. So far I know, gazetted officers can be called any time 24*7, if needed. The reason is ethical, nation’s need. Worse is, I have seen my colleague to do a lot of travel and overtime, yet there was no compensation, neither financial, nor by some other kind, e.g. complementary leave; as such.
      3. I don’t/can’t refer you to any specific online/offline resource. What you have planned for last month, you do that for three months. Don’t dive or dig deep into the syllabus. There’s a lot you can’t cover in a span of three months. Worse is, you can’t retain 100% of what you read. Initially, I made that mistake. A ended up wasting huge amount of time. And, you are underestimating in thinking that you can cover 10-15 years’ GATE paper in last months. It’s simply not at all doable. Once you start the preparation, you will see that there is no definitive solution to GATE questions. Many people will come up with different opinions and solutions. Lastly, following GATE syllabus blindly is the best possible approach of preparation.
      4. I don’t think work experience was, at all, a determining factor in my selection at ISRO.
  30. Hi, I am a undergraduate student. I have enrolled for m.tech this year. I have three questions –

    i) is the ISRO conduct campus recruitment drive in IITS or IISC?

    ii) is there any facility of doing phd as a sponsored candidate?

    iii) how long it will take to get a study leave after joining ?

    • Hi Subhamay,

      1. ISRO used to go for campus placement at IIT until a couple of years back. But, there was some legal issue after which they stopped going to campuses.
      2. Theoretically ‘YES’, practically ‘NO’. ISRO lets employees go for M.Tech as sponsored candidates at IITs/IISc. Because, M.Tech is time-bound. I haven’t seen a single case of someone getting permission for pursuing PhD as sponsored candidate. After all, sponsored people are more interested in getting a higher degree for the ease of the next promotion than just studying for the sake of study. It’s said that a long leave from job, even if it is academic, negatively affects your professional career at ISRO.
      3. Three years, .subject to the permission from office. That makes you eligible for sponsorship, but depending on the situation, e.g. work-pressure, man-power, you may be denied. There were cases which I have heard myself.
  31. Hello sir,

    What does Administrative Staff Assistant job offers @ISAC? By reading all of the stuff above about scientist cadre, there are delays in promotion, quarters, transfer etc. Then, there would be more problems with Assistants job. Kindly provide the information so that I can take a wise decision with my career..

    • Hi Rakesh,

      I really have no idea whatsoever on job profile and professional condition of administrative stuffs. But, I personally feel in the same way as you do.

  32. Hi Dipanjan,

    I am currently working in TCS as software developer. Its been 2 years . I really want to give this exam a try but my branch is EEE and I need to prepare. But once I clear it will i get transfer in case my husband is working in different state.?

    • Hi Chinnu,

      There’s no official/announced policy of ISRO for assured transfer. They may consider the case of married couple in a compassionate ground, but nothing is really guaranteed.

  33. Dear sir,

    is the post scientist ‘sc’ is equivalent to class 1 Gazetted officer/??
    and i came to know that through ICRB ISRO include only those students who
    are IITans or graduated from IISC/IIST and don’t recruit state university graduate
    engineers though they get good marks in ICRB scientist/Engineer ‘sc’ Exam. Is it true?

    • Hi Rahul,

      Your questions answered below:

      1. Yes, it’s Class I Gazetted officer’s post.
      2. When I wrote ISRO exam, I wasn’t an IIT-ian but could manager to get AIR 11. Don’t pay heed to rumors.
      • HI sir, I ch. bharath reddy applied Civil engineering Scientist Post ‘SC’ [BE004-CIVIL] 2014. I have been selected under waiting list 2nd postion . The first person in waiting list has already joined in shillong centre in the same notification for separate post which have not applied. I came to know that one candidate among the selected one is not willing to join as he is not interested i personally spoke with him. he took extension up to june 2015 and after that he didnt inform the allotted centre and centre also didnt ask him any info till now. So i kindly request you to look into this matter as the waiting list validity is up to feb 2016. now my question is what i have to do whether to file an rti or some other way…actually i mailed isro hq the same issue they told they will forward it to higher authority and they also told they didnt get any info about the joining of candidate from the allotted centre and they said that the centre should give us the info ask one more person to send. so my doubt is if the centre sends the information but didnt ask info about filling vacant position what are my chances
        Thanking you sir

  34. HI sir, I ch. bharath reddy applied Civil engineering Scientist Post ‘SC’ [BE004-CIVIL] 2014. I have been selected under waiting list 2nd postion . The first person in waiting list has already joined in shillong centre in the same notification for separate post which have not applied. I came to know that one candidate among the selected one is not willing to join as he is not interested i personally spoke with him. he took extension up to june 2015 and after that he didnt inform the allotted centre and centre also didnt ask him any info till now. So i kindly request you to look into this matter as the waiting list validity is up to feb 2016. now my question is what i have to do whether to file an rti or some other way…actually i mailed isro hq the same issue they told they will forward it to higher authority and they also told they didnt get any info about the joining of candidate from the allotted centre and they said that the centre should give us the info ask one more person to send. so my doubt is if the centre sends the information but didnt ask info about filling vacant position what are my chances
    Thanking you sir

    • Hi Bharath,

      I am not anyway affiliated/attached to ISRO any more. Therefore, it’s impossible for me to look into this matter. Even had I been a Scientist at the moment, then also it’d be similarly impossible for me to help you out. These are administrative which you need to get sorted out with them only.

      I’d rather suggest you to be patient a little bit. It requires inordinate amount of time in making any move for government bodies, be it publishing results of any nationwide exam, arranging interviews or following up with wait-listed candidates. Get a feel of the pace the move on and tune yourself accordingly. Filing an RTI, in my opinion, will complicate issues, delay the matter and may or may not yield any result at the end. Better for you would be to to follow up with HQ regularly, possibly nicely ask for a deadline which they are expected to respond by. It’s very likely that you don’t get any information in return on the promised date. Don’t get disheartened. Get the issue escalated within the department. Keep on calling them until you get any satisfactory response.

    • Hi Chandni,

      The work domain and job culture at ISRO is very different from IT industry. The tool and technologies one uses at IT are next to useless at ISRO. Moreover, during the interview, interviewers are clueless, too, the division you will be put in. Therefore, it’s my personal opinion that job experience does not count at ISRO interview. For myself at least, I have experienced so.

  35. Hello sir,
    In May ISRO declared results for admin assistants and I was selected. They sent SSQ an attestation forms which I filled and posted back as per the instructions.

    It’s been around a month and I haven’t received any piece of information or communication in return. As of today verification is still pending. Should I be worried or is it normal for ISRO to take months for verification?

        • Hi Jyoti,
          Please may I know are you through with your police verification or not? If yes, then how long did it exactly take? Awaiting your reply.
          Thanks and Regards

          • hello Ankita,

            I finally received my offer letter. Result was declared in May. Verification process (both police abd IB)was complete by September, I do not remember exact dates. In October I was given a choice to join as a trainee or wait for the verification process to complete and join as a regular employee. I chosw to wait for the final one. Few days back only I received my letter of appointment. I will ve joining soon.

  36. Hi Dipanjan,
    Hope you doing good. 🙂
    I am preparing to write the ISRO Entrance Exam this year, however I still have some queries regarding work culture, timings and other specifics. I am having 2 yrs of exp in IT,a decent pkg but no longer interested, I can understand that being a govt rog, ISRO will have almost all the lags a typical other govt org has. Still, I want to frankly ask that is it worth giving a shot?
    Thanks in Advance.-:)

    • Hi Ambuj,

      There’s no unanimous ‘Yes/No’ to your question. Including myself, I have seen three people who joined ISRO resigning from IT industry, but moved on to pursue higher studies. There’s a fourth one who joined with me, with ISRO at present, but want to move on to either IT or higher studies. I don’t want to press a diplomatic answer on you. Rather ask yourself the following:

      1. What do I want – a fast life at IT or a slow yet relatively peaceful life at ISRO?
      2. Do I feel jealous when my peers upload pictures of Ferrari in Facebook from abroad?
      3. ISRO provides personal vehicle for office drop and pick-up only for posts above Group-Head. Division-Head and Group-Heads get shared vehicles. Can I manage my expectations regarding that?
      4. Stop dreaming of bungalows, it’s hard to get quarters allocated in the initial few years of joining as ‘SC’. Do I dream so?
      5. Does ‘serving the nation’ or ‘rocket-science’ appeal to me?
      6. Read ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ above. I bet those are the most honest/bare/bold/unbiased remarks you will find in Internet.
  37. Dear sir
    1. What work is usually given to person posted as SC in refrigeration and air conditioning division….
    2. Which place is he usually placed? …. I’m b.tech mech from Nitk……
    3. I was thinking of going for direct PhD to some foreign university….. Now got to know about ISRO so applying….. Want to know which is better……
    4. Also want to know what will be the pay after 5-6 yrs odd service?

    • Hi Chidanand,

      Here are my replies:

      1. I joined as a Computer Science and Engineering graduate. Therefore, I have no idea whatsoever on what type of job is allotted to one joining in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning division.
      2. Location is allocated on-requirement basis. Apparently, there is no connection between your hometown/alma mater and posting location. Even I don’t remember ISRO asking me for my location preference prior to joining.
      3. here is no unanimous answer to this question. Largely, it depends on personal preference and professional objective. PhD is better only if you join a ranked university abroad. I don’t have any idea on what all are the decent universities abroad for your branch. So, I can’t help you in this regard. Also, just don’t readily jump in to taking admission in some universities. Weigh the pros and cons, the future scope and compare to those of ISRO’s.
      4. There is a mandatory annual increment of 3% on your basic salary (if I can remember correctly or the % hasn’t been revised after I left). Other components, e.g. HRA/TA which depend on basic, will also increase proportionally. By first 5 years, you will definitely get a promotion of SC to SD. Apart from that, Central Government is generous enough not only to declare DA as well Arrears, but also to process those fast enough.
    • Hi Chidanand,

      So far I remember, from SC to SE it’s the same pay band of 15600-39100. SC to SD promotion is time-bound by 4 years, at most delayed by 6 months on case-by-case basis. It’s sort of performance independent. Afterwards, no promotion is time-bound. How soon you climb up the ladder is parameterized by your performance. I was not longer enough to comment on whether the process is really transparent or not. There is something called DPC (Departmental Promotion Committee) who evaluates your performance based on APAR (Your performance report that you write and get approved by your Division Head/Group Head etc.), call you for an interview. The upshot of this interaction decides if you are given a promotion. For ‘SE’, the interview is held at your base branch while for any promotion above that requires you to attend an interview at Head-Quarter (Bangalore). In case one screws up the interview, I don’t know exactly after how many months he/she is called for interview again.

  38. Hello Dipanjan Sir,
    I completed my EXTC BE this year & applying for ISRO exam for SC.
    So I have some questions…
    1)I am an PH candidate with hearing disability, even so I want to join ISRO, so I want to know about work environment for handicapped candidates & how many PH candidates get selected through exams?
    2)After getting selected what is the time period they give you to join OR we have to join immediately or we will loss our selection?
    3)Like you said there is three years of service period. If I want to leave after 3 years for persuing MS or MTECH then is there any bond for that? not as a sponsored candidate. If I can leave after 3 years then can I again join through these SC exams?
    4)Accomodation in quarters is long term then where it is possible Near the job location? DO ISRO provide facility for accomodation in outside?
    5)Can I join ISRO after 35-40 years that is max upper limit require for exam?

    • Hi Deepak,

      Please find my replies below:

      1. What I can say is I have seen a number of PH candidates working there at ISRO alongwith other employees. There’s no discrimination done with them, at least, apparently. They also shoulder the same responsibility as that of others. I don’t have any figure on the intake of PH candidates.
      2. Depends on what you mean by “immediate”. Of course, there will be a reasonable timeframe and an exact joining date mentioned on your offer letter beyond that the offer will be deemed as invalid. Under some special circumstances, if you need to get your joining delayed by a few days or months or so, I suggest you to contact the authority well in advance. Red tape may take a lot of time to process such requests.
      3. I am not sure whether you are allowed to pursue Masters in non-sponsored mode. If you resign, you can always come back but only after writing the exam again. So far my knowledge is, there is no policy to favor/exempt an ex-employee if he/she decides to join back.
      4. Don’t expect accommodation as soon as you join ISRO. There is a long queue which is processed first-come-first-server basis. When you will apply for quarters, your application will be pushed back at the end of the existing ones. Yes, once you get, it’s long time and near to your work location.
      5. Check with the age cut-off of PH candidates corresponding to your category.
  39. Message Body:
    hello dipanjan… finally i found someone who can give an insight about ISRO . i am currently preparing for ISRO written exam… Need a bit of guidance regarding written + interview.

    Please guide.
    Do they also ask btech project in interview?? + few more queries like how rigorous is the interview (having goosebumps as rejected from BARC interview twice :P) ….

    Your detailed strategy on how to tackle written and interview will serve the purpose 😀

    • Hi SN,

      The approach is holistic. There is not cut-off as such. This is true for almost all competitive exams. Depending on their requirement, interview marks are sorted category-wise (GEN/Reserved) in descending order and top ‘n’ candidates are chosen with a buffer of ‘x’ candidates (x = ~3) putting them into waiting list. Try to perform the best of yours, that’s the only mantra.

  40. Hi sir,
    I have been shortlisted in the final merit list of assistants in the Bangalore zone, however I have not received the attestation and ssq forms yet while most candidates from my zone have received it (i.e. those that shall be posted at the ISRO Satellite Centre). I contacted the ICRB office regarding the same and they asked me to wait saying that “ Not everyone will be getting the attestation forms now, your documents have been sent sent to the concerned centre…they shall contact you”. Sir, please may I know how long shall I have to wait and when shall I contact them again? I’m a bit worried at not having received any documents. My panel position is 14th…even those beyond the 30th position have got their ssqs. Does the merit position affect our posting in anyway?
    Thank you.

  41. Hi Sir,
    I have recently been selected for the Administrative Assistant post in IPRC. I wish to know about the likely promotions entitled to an assistant in his/her service life. Also, sir, I wish to know about the kind of accomodation they would provide to a fresh entrant.

  42. Sir,
    I have been wait-listed at number two in the interview, held in August 2015, for the post of Engineers (HR), SHAR, Sriharikota. I did my B Tech in Chemical Engineer from Manipal University and MBA (HR) from NIT Rourkrla. I shall be thankful to you if you kindly tell me the probable chance of getting the final offer.


  43. Hi Dipanjan
    I have interview for post of Scientist -C in ISRO on 19 october. Can you please tell me how to prepare for interview. I have done Mtech in computer science. My dissertation was on routing in vehicular ad-hoc networks.
    I am doing my Phd in Vehicular ad-hoc networks.
    i have another questinon:: My interview is in SAC, Ahmedabad. In case,i am selected, then my posting will be in ahmedabad or in delhi?? Please Reply

  44. Hello Dipanjan sir
    I have completed BE under ECE branch.
    I am selected for Graduate Apprenticeship Training for 1 year with monthly stipend of Rs.5000/- and I have offer from TCS.
    It will be a great help if you clear my few doubts.
    1. What is the ROLE of apprentice?
    2. After 1 year training, will they fire us or we get opportunity for permanent job?
    3. If they fire us what opportunities we get outside?
    4.Should I go for software job at TCS or apprenticeship at ISRO? please suggest me as I have less time and no one in our family can suggest me in this as they are not educated. Please reply please

    Thanks in advance

  45. Hi Dipanjan,
    I got a interview call letter for the post of scientist -SC ( Computer Science) at SAC , Ahmedabad. Any idea on what are the major projects undertaken at this centre. They have mentioned following in the application :

    – Analysis of Algorithms for data products generation for microwave, X-ray payload .
    -Parallelization on multi cpu , mutli core distributed workstations
    -Design of end to end computer architecture for real time delivery of data products

    Also what are the chances of internal transfer within ISRO divisions ? Can someone opt for switching to RRSC , kolkata after serving few years in SAC.


    • Hi Adrip,

      The project titles sound quite generic. Unfortunately, I have least idea in either of these.

      Internal transfer policy is not an established/well-defined/official one. I have seen/heard people applying for transfer and then wait for years. Mutual transfer with someone at your intended branch to get transferred to is somewhat easy though.

      People do not hold a high regard towards ISRO center at Kolkata. Seems that technical work is not that much or may be of inferior quality. Beware, unless you prove your contribution towards the organization, your career growth may stall.

  46. Hey !

    Greetings, hope you are doing awesome ! 🙂 I have a query regarding your switch from ISRO to GATE for M. Tech. I am in the similar situation as of now as you might have been a couple of years back, hope you could help me out. My question is if you join ISRO and then you want to go for M. Tech via Gate, then do you have to sign any bond paper or something as somewhere I read that there are some seats reserved for Gate via ISRO. Well, in my case I don’t want to avail that cushion of reservation via ISRO thing and in that case obviously I don’t want to serve my expected duration after completing the Gate. Is there a way out of this or it is a compulsion to join M.tech via ISRO incase you clear the GATE exam??

    Please help me out! Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Ram,

      Please search this page with the keyword “sponsored”. In a nutshell, either you can resign ISRO and join M. Tech in the same way I did; or you can get sponsored and be compelled to be tied up with ISRO. There is no other third route in between, combining the best of both.

    • Hi Swathi,

      There is not cut-off as such. This is true for almost all competitive exams. Depending on their requirement, written exam marks are sorted category-wise (GEN/Reserved) in descending order and top ‘n’ candidates are chosen for interview.

    • Hi Swathi,

      The notification is always phrased like that, using legal jargon. It will definitely be permanent barring special cases, e.g. one commits a crime etc.

  47. sir, im working in BHEL.As of now my basic is 24900/-.. In isro it is indicated as Rs.15900/- + Rs.5400/- (Grade Pay)…

    I want to know how much is in hand salary.. including HRA??

  48. sir,i have a doubt about the following quote in the advt for isro exam “The on-line application has to be invariably followed-up with a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the employer concerned, by those already in employment under Central/State Government, Public Sector Undertakings or Autonomous Bodies, duly indicating the name and Reg. No. on the reverse.”.
    should the no objection letter be submitted after being selected for isro or before writting the exam?
    this is because iam a mechanical engineer in reputed company and i have signed a 2 year bond.so is it like i have to resign before i even write the exam?

    • Hi Noname,

      If you are serving a private company e.g. TCS/Infosys, you don’t need an NoC. Also, those are collected prior to interview. You have resign only when you get selected and decide to join ISRO.

  49. Hi,
    Thanks for all of your updates, if you could be grateful enough to clarify a few more…
    What kind of work an electronics engineer can expect, which fields? Also, which is the most probable location for an electronics engineer to be deployed?
    Is a switch to ISRO worth after working in a core electronic company, especially in terms of getting to do challenging tasks?

    Thanks in anticipation!

    • Hi Prerana,

      The number of divisions operating as individual units inside ISRO are pretty large. The domains they are working in are orthogonal in most of the cases. There’s no definitive answer to your first question. Regarding the job location, again it’s hard to predict. Location allocation seems to be the outcome of an internal random function which nobody knows about!

      A catch-22 situation. Whether a switch is worth or not depends on the nature of work. You may feel excited, you may not. Consider, the packages, too, while taking the decision. IMHO.

    • Hi Neha,

      Transfer is never assured, no matter whether the candidate is a male or female one. Mutual transfer is somewhat easier. Apart from that, there’s no defined policies. People apply for transfer and wait indefinitely.

  50. Hello Dipanjan Sir,
    Thank you for such a great details. I want to know, if ISRO hire for SC annually and if there is any particular period in which they conduct their exams for SC or it depends upon their needs? Also, upto which rank in GATE, ISRO call directly for interview. One more thing, please tell us, how did you apply for ISRO, what was your rank etc. while working in TCS?

    • Hi Anisha,

      ISRO recruits on the basis of centralized requirements. If they plan to recruit, the advertisement generally comes out in February so far I can remember. ISRO never gives you direct call on the basis of your GATE rank. My rank of the written test (short list for interview) was 91 and that of final selection list (post-interview) was 11.

  51. Sir. I am working as sr Ta and completed btech after jong isro. I ve applied for special review and initially they screenedout me as my course is from Ignou.. So invalid. But I be given reprehension stating that my choose is not distance and weekend only and consider me for interview on those particular days. But i was mentally upset and can’t concentrate in my studied waiting for result will they call or not. Then days nearing i ciuldnot study bcoz of these issues..Suddenly before two days I got phone call to attend interview from shar to bangalore. For shocked and asked everybody in office how to skip now and attend next time.. But there is only one chance. Finally with great difficulty and without much preparation I attended the interview. But I was more nervous and could not perform well and could not able to answer simple questions which I know…. I want one more chance with at least prior information before 2 weeks… What should I do now. My x boss not given permission to do in other college and suggested ignou.

  52. Hello sir,

    I am 2014 pass out. Currently I am working as a software engineer. I would like to work as a scientist engineer. What was the procedure to get into isro as an scientist engineer.

  53. Sir, I am an electrical engineering graduate. Recently I have been offered an appointment for the post of Field Project Engineer (Operation)at SDSC SHAAR,(Sriharikota) under project management team (ISAC, Ahmedabad) headed by Special Operation Sequence (Phase-III).
    Would you throw some light about the type of job and future prospect.

  54. dipanjsn sir, i am anupam, i have got interview cal from isro, scientist b mechanical, i have already completed my mtech from iit , will it be advantageous at interview board for higher qualification?

  55. Hello Dipanjan,
    I read your posts on ISRO .It was really informative and helpful. I really need your help. I have some questions to ask.
    I am btech electronics and communication from WBUT(West Bengal) and am 27yrs.I am preparing for this year’s ISRO ECE exam.I want to ask whether study leave is granted to ISRO engineers to study M.tech while working? If they do will it be paid or unpaid? Actually to tell you the truth I am not too happy with ECE branch. I always wanted to go to Aeronautical Engineering but could’nt crack IIT after 12th.So had to go for ECE. If I can hopefully join ISRO I would like to go for an Mtech in Aeronautical Engineering. Will ISRO allow me to change my branch and would that be a paid leave(as I am going through financially tough times right now)?Also is the age limit for b.tech engineers from general category 30 or 35 to join ISRO?
    I am really in a dilemma as what to do as I see no one around to help me in this matter. Please help me with your valuable answer. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Abhishek,

      ISRO allows employees to go for M.Tech as sponsored candidates. Those two years are fully paid and counted towards your service period. You enjoy every single benefit of a regular employee. I can’t see any problem for them if you intend to change your branch. Moreover, finding a seat at IIT as a sponsored candidate is way easier than being a regular candidate. A handful of seats in each IIT/IISc are reserved for organizations under sponsorship program, e.g. ISRO/DRDO/BARC etc. You have to compete against sponsored employees for those organizations only against those limited number of seats. I don’t know how many seats are reserved for Aeronautical Engineering, but for CSE, the figure is one or two per IIT/IISc. Lastly, for administrative concerns like age etc., please consult their official advertisement. I heard of something which I am not quite sure. I don’t want to misguide you by furnishing incorrect information.

  56. Hi bro,i seen ur blog.Its impressive.Iam Mahesh(2015 passout) currently working in TCS(like u) and got 18th rank cse-sc exam of ISRO. Also preparing for gate. Dont know how the Gate result would be!. So how will be the ISRO interview (Iam bad at english fluency so will it effect?) , also share some tips for the interview and GATE.

    • Hi Mahesh,

      How was your GATE result? As far ISRO is concerned, your fluency shouldn’t make much difference if you can communicate your ideas correctly. In fact, not all interviewers, IMO, are equally adept in English as a language. I faced a tough time to understand the pronunciation of one of the interviewers even.

      Giving some “tips for interview” is really an open-ended question. To get a satisfactory reply for me, ask something specific which I haven’t either written in my post or covered to any other replies.

      • Hi dipanjan,
        As far as Gate the rank is good,but not as I wanted.I got AIR 482 and category of OBC.And regarding ISRO interview ,the questions are basic and demanded applicability of that concept.And the hospitality was very good(including refreshment 😉 ). Waiting for the results. And regarding M.Tech, my interest was inclined towards systems and security(OS,Arch.,security) ,so which IIT would be better?.Also if I get IITM how should I manage?

        • Hi Mahesh,

          Hope that your name appears in ISRO final list. 🙂

          As far as M.Tech. is concerned, all the IITs have one or more accomplished faculties working in your domains of interest. Given that you belong to OBC category, a GATE rank of 482 has got a lot of promises. Even if you are denied in M.Tech. in some of the IITs, it’s almost for sure that you’ll receive calls for MS program in all the IITs. Personally, I’d suggest you to browse through the faculty profiles of the IITs you target. Specifically, I can guide you about IITM (my alma mater), if needed.

          I didn’t quite understand what you mean by, “… if I get IITM how should I manage?”.

          At the end, it’d be of immense help for future ISRO-seekers if you can spend some time briefing you interview experience and more importantly, the questions you have been asked.

          • Ya sure.
            The interview was scheduled to be conducted at 8.00 AM(28th Feb 2016),I reached VSSC ATF centre at ~7.30 AM.And after the document verification they allotted number for each candidate base on the priority.
            (I)Girls (ii)Booked their tickets on the same day(Actually on the interview letter they mentioned that in worst case it needs 2 days for the interview).

            And as I booked the ticket next day evening ,they called me around 7.10 PM.
            There were 7 peoples seated in a half round.They didn’t asked about me or my work ( I didn’t mentioned that I was working in TCS).First they started with my project work.As soon as I started explaining my project they stopped me(seems they are not interested or because of time constraint as after me there are 3 more peoples to be interviewed) and asked about my favorite subjects .
            I mentioned:
            (i) Operating systems (ii) Data structures (iii) Computer Networks
            The middle person asks the members to start in Data structures.

            Ist Interviewer:
            I)What is binary heap?.Types?.Properties of them?. Answered.
            II)Application of the Heap.Answered.
            III)Abstract Data Type.And its use.Answered.
            IV)Stacks,Growable stack and queue and their use etc… Answered.
            V)Dynamic memory Allocation.Answered.
            2nd Interviewer:
            I)Some questions regarding routing algo’s.Answered.
            II)WAN protocol.I said I don’t know.
            3rd Interviewer:
            i)Memory leak in java.I said I know this only in C,and I explained that.
            II)C pre processor.Answered.
            iii)JAR file in Java.I said I don’t know. I have not used JAVA extensively but I could remember using JAR file in my Nokia S40 series and I said it to them :).They seemed to be not compromised.
            iv)Parts of Compiler. Answered.

            That’s all the Questions asked.
            Important things;
            I)A friend(from that point 🙂 ) of mine was not allowed to interviewed because he has no NOC letter from his company.He was working in a PSU.
            ii)The persons who came for the interview was more knowledgeable and experienced like most of them passed out before 2012,2011.I think only two persons including me was 2015 passout.
            iii)The companies they are working include Adobe,samsung res. ,Adobe ,GATE cse class takers ,Asst. Professors ,IIsc and IIT Mtech students and from PSU’s.
            So u should be be top of ur game and need a bit of LUCK in terms of questions asked.

            Dipanjan:Edit this if needed before posting and add some points from ur exp..

  57. Hello sir
    I m B Tech in mechanical engineering and recently given the interview for the post of SC(Mechanical). Sir i m preety much intereated in IC engine or engine related activities.i just want to know that whether i ll get department of my choice or are they alloted randomly? I know u r from computer background but if its possible please let me know. Thank you

    • Hi Abhishek,

      Division (a.k.a. department) choice is random and internal decision. You can try to make a switch from one division to another (in the same way I did) in case you don’t like it. However, I must forewarn you that there is no established workflow for such a change and the process, even if you succeed at the end, is extremely painful.

  58. Hi Dipanjan,
    Currently I am in the 6th sem of Mechanical Engineering in NIT Nagpur which comes nder tier 1 colleges with 7.33 CGPA(73.3%). Few questions.

    1) Can i give exam this year i.e. in 7th sem in 2016 to join ISRO for SC post in the month of may or after that in 2017.Because they have mentioned that you need to show degree. I will be getting provisional degree in nearly june or july 2017.

    2)I will be going for MS in us for sure.Will they give me priority if instead of taking exam now initially i go for MS, come back and then join isro.

    3)In case if i go for Ph.D after after MS and some job experiance for loan money recovery, i will be exceeding their age limit criteria.Will they permit me to join isro at that stage.

    4)In isro site it is mentioned u should have atleast 65% or 7.25 CGPA. but actually in general they allow 70% and above for written examination. As i am from NIT, here the conversion factor is percentage=CGPA*10 but in private or state colleges Percentage =(CGPA-0.75)*10
    Will they consider this thing?

    5)What relevant courses do u think i should take during MS for getting placed in SHAR. (Ignore the need at some place. answer on just specialization basis)

    PS-i will be coming back to India for sure.

    • Hi Shubham,

      I know am replying late, but better late than never.

      1. If I can calculate correctly, by the time of your joining, you won’t be receiving even the provisional degree by then. That seems to call for a special permission. Because I have seen people finishing the last semester of their Masters after joining ISRO.
      2. That’s too much to ask for from ISRO.
      3. No way, that’s a government organization that takes rules as if those are carved on stone!
      4. If you can show the proof of conversion factor, I can’t see any point for them for not agreeing with you university rule, NITs being prestigious ones.
      5. Your course doesn’t have ANY impact on your posting.
  59. Hi Dipanjan ,
    Really useful read this , thank you for the post. I have a couple of questions to ask you
    1) How did you get into NUS ? .Being a mechanical engineer from a not so reputed engineering college I want to get into any of the ivy league universities or NUS/NTU for my masters.
    2) Can I leave ISRO after a year or two to boost my resume . What are the hassles that I might face if I do so ? (Monetary , procedure…)
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Vijay,

      I am pursuing as a Post-Graduate Research Intern here. While at IIT, I was offered an opportunity to visit 5th South Asia Workshop funded by NUS. That time, I communicated with my present supervisor, faced a screening after I had gone back to India and got selected afterwards.

      If you leave ISRO, you won’t need to pay any monetary compensation. Also, there are administrative formalities only. That’s the good part. On this flip side, I am skeptical how far your ISRO experience will play any significant role to boost up your chances of getting into any academic program.

  60. what are the facilities provided by PRL for scientific assistants?and What is the promotin policy for Scientific Assistant at PRL?What is the job work?

  61. Hi, I was selected as Research Scientist in NRSC hyderabad. It was mentioned in the notification that it was a temporary post. My question is, will that become permanent or continue after that period..? Or will it depend on any other factors. ? Am currently pursuing MS by Research (CS)in IIIT Hyderabad. And do u have any idea about work culture etc..?

    • Hi Amulya,

      Last answer first. I don’t have any idea about the work culture at any other ISRO centre apart from VSSC. But, I doubt that it will be any different.

      Don’t worry about the legal jargon on the post being a temporary one. Not that “…it is likely to continue”, but it will definitely continue. I haven’t seen anyone getting terminated due to their performance during probation.

  62. Thanks for your quick response…. thank you once again…i was actually worried of that temporary word as am converting my masters to part time to join there….

  63. Hi Dipanjan, in Gate 2016 I got 51 AIR and also got selected in ISRO for SC post. Now what should I do? Do Mtech from IISC/ IIT or join ISRO.

    • Hi Prashant,

      Congratulations on your splendid performance. No matter whatever anybody suggests, do take the opportunity of studying at IITs/IISc. Probably, ME@IISc is your best bet.

  64. Hi Dipanjan,

    I have got selected for SC post and would like to know few details:

    1. Will location of posting be known in appointment letter itself or later?
    2. Is there a hard deadline on the DOJ, what is the validity of the appointment?
    3. I saw on few sites that Internet access is restricted during work. Coding sometimes require Internet help right? So can we tackle it otherwise for Google search etc to learn something?
    4. Govt job is sought especially for work life balance. But I read that SC scientists have to be available 24 * 7. Can it still be balancing? Or is it rare to go beyond 5 pm.? Especially, how does this affect girls?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Kausalya,

      1. In the appointment letter itself
      2. Yes, there is. Validity is till DOJ unless you seek any special permission
      3. That’s a problem, indeed. Internet access is unrestricted in the library. In each division, there is one/two systems connected to Internet. That is shared by all the employees. In case of “collision”, you retry; much like CSMA-CD 🙂
      4. Availability of 24*7 is official. It’s not rare people working for extended hours, especially if your division calls for or if there’s any important launch or integration deadline approaching. ISRO work culture is somewhere in between a typical private organization and Govt. one. People may find it contrary to what they expect. The same applies to girls, too.
  65. Hi Dipanjan,
    Sir, have you replied me???? I am not able to see the answer,,,,,its very late to contact again you from my side……….

    Thank you,

  66. Hi dipanjan,
    I am doing my final year automobile engineering. I am interested to work in isro. But I don’t know if I meet the eligibility for appearing in the exams. As I said I am an automobile engineering I didn’t find my branch in the dropdown menu of the application form. For appearing in gate we choose mechanical engineering branch. Is the procedure same in isro? Can I move on with applying as mechanical engineering discipline. If I do so should they consider my automobile engineering degree certificate in document verification.

    • Hi Aravind,

      So far I know, ISRO centralized recruitment is conducted for CSE, ECE and ME majors. Whether your discipline is permitted or not, that’s something you have to confirm by reading the official advertisement or calling/mailing ISRO head-quarter.

  67. Hi Dipanjan,

    Can you please tell me about the job postings… Which places are the candidates posted like Bangalre, mumbai…??

  68. Howdy Dipanjan!

    Just had a simple question in mind.
    I’d love to work at ISRO but I want to work at ISAC, Bangaluru and not in other centers in Ahmedabad or Trivandrum. Are the students of IIST given the choice of which ISRO center to work in?

    • Hi Andres,

      I don’t have any first hand experience. I asked my former colleague who was from IIST. What I was told that there was a counselling kind of thing. Several posting location options available on a first come first serve basis based on class rank (highest GPA first).

  69. Hello Dipanjan,
    If some one pursue masters and overlap 8 month then promotion from sc to SD is after 2 year. Then if some one get PhD , how that help in next promotion in ISRO?My friend in ISRO planing for PhD. Will it help to get next promotion early?

    • Hi Sudiipta,

      Should be so in the first case. Getting a PhD won’t help to get promotion early, but it will obviously give him/her an edge over the other candidates when he/she becomes eligible for next promotion.

  70. Hi Sir,
    I want some information about nature of work for Mechanical Engineers in VSSC and IPRC Tirunelveli and other ISRO Centres also… And I want information about Technical Assistant vs SC Engineer? Who have more work pressure ? and Details about Holidays?

    • Hi Vishnu,

      The scope of the question is too broad to answer. Being a CS guy, I don’t have much insight about Mechanical Engineering jobs, too. I am not the right person to comment on that. Same is true for Technical Assistant position, too.

  71. Hi Sir,

    I have been selected for the post of scientist/engineer SC .
    In which format is the offer of appointment sent?? mail or post?/
    and can you throw some light on medical test as well?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Guruprasad,

      It was sent by post. The medical test is very basic, e.g. height, weight, urine, chest X-ray, eye, blood (can’t remember what exactly they tested) etc. I was posted in VSSC. All our medical tests were conducted in ISRO health center for free of cost.

  72. Hi Dipanjan,

    I have completed M.Tech in ECE. I have got a interview call from ISRO ahmedabad for the scientist SC post. I am from a rural area from the corner of south. So what my doubt is how the working environment will be? And am I need to be kingpin in technical before entering the ISRO. And how the interview will be conducted in ISRO , ahmedabad. I am feeling nervous. Please give me advice. Awaiting your reply.


  73. Hi Sir,
    I have done M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur in 2009 and I have 7 years of experience in RF and Microwave field. I got call letter for interview at SAC, ahmedabad.

    Will there be any advantage of my work experience in salary being offered or I will be joining as SC?

    Will the interview be on by work experience area ?


    • Hi Dhaval,

      You salary is NOT a function of your work experience, unfortunately. You’ll join as ‘SC’.

      Regarding interview, if what you worked on is relevant or aligned to their interest, they’ll ask questions from that domain, otherwise it’ll be ignored.

  74. Hi Dipanjan,
    Thanks for reply. Interview went well, questions mostly was from my field of work. If I join as ‘SC’, the promotion will be time bound ? What is minimum time anyone need to wait for ‘SC’ to ‘SD’ and ‘SD’ to SE’ and ‘SE’ to ‘SF’ promotion ?
    Presently, I am working in goverment organization in which my payscale is equivalent to ‘SE’ as per 6th pay commission.

    • Hi Dhaval,

      SC to SD is time bound (four years with a maximum additional delay of six months if your performance is not satisfactory). However, no other subsequent promotion is time-bound, totally at their discretion. If happens often times that you get selected for DPC (Departmental Promotion Committee) yet fail to clear the promotion interview.

  75. Hi Dipanjan,
    After de claration of results for the post of Scientist SC, how much time it takes to get offer letter by post? And is there any other formalities before joining? Please give me details with approx. time required in each formality. Is there any deadline for medical tests?

  76. Hi Dipanjan
    I have completed my btech (computer science) in 2016. And I want to crack ISRO (Scientist sc) exam this year. So my question is what should be my preparation strategy for CSE branch to clear this exam?Is the question standard of this exam tougher than gate or easier?And what are the most important subjects for this exam?

    • Hi Anupama,

      If you scroll through earlier queries and responses, almost you’ll find the information you seek. Beyond that, it could be a good idea to share your WhatsApp number through the contact form in this blog so that I can add you to the ISRO preparation WhatsApp group. There you can connect with other aspirants working hard to crack the exam.

  77. Hello sir,
    What is NTRO ?During interview at ISRO they made us fill out a form if we are interested in working with NTRO.Do you know how they will recruit in NTRO?How many students are recruited in CS branch?

  78. Hello sir,
    After the interview at isro this year one of the interviewer told me that my interview was good.He also said that they deliberately ask some questions to freshers that they may not know.Do you think it is a good sign or they just say such things just to comfort the candidate?Am I overthinking this?

    • Hi Sonakshi,

      Stay chill! Don’t think too much. Interviewers’ minds are complex. There have been cases where I was almost sure that I was in while in reality I was not. This happened mostly during HR round in placement interviews. On the contrary, such cases are also not uncommon when the candidate believed the interview did not go well while the selection list includes his/her name. Let the result come out.

  79. Hello Dipanjan, I have completed BE(ECE) in 2014, Now i am working in a telecom domain, is it possible to get a job at ISRO at the age of 28 as i dont have the relevant experience.

  80. Dear Sir,
    I am a chemical engineer with more than three years of experience in the industry. I want to work at ISRO. I have some questions for you.

    1) What role is played by chemical engineers at ISRO ? Are they ‘DIRECTLY’ involved in the designing and testing of rockets at ISRO/ LPSC facilities OR is it more of a sidekick research job ?

    2) Will I become too junior, if I join at this time, since I graduated in 2013. Currently I am a 27 years old bachelor.

    3) What is my future ? Given the fact that the industry is run by aerospace engineers, will a chemical engineer get a chance to become mission director/ project director or at least play a significant role( rocket development )as a senior person in future ?

    4) If I graduate from IIST as Mtech in Propulsion and Thermal Sytems, then is a job gauranteed to me from ISRO?

    In no way, by my questions, I mean any disrespect to chemical engineers working at ISRO.

    Thanks and Regards

    • Hi Aditya,

      1. I have no idea on that.
      2. Not really, it’s just a job.
      3. I believe, the promotion is performance based. As you perform, so you proceed in the hierarchy.
      4. I think if you graduate with a CGPA above certain cut-off, a job is offered. However, there is a bond money one has to pay if he/she resigns from ISRO without serving certain number of years.
    • Hi Anup,

      The chance, in mathematical terms, is exactly the same as that of the other candidate who is in front of you turning down the offer. The selection process is extremely fair with no backdoor.

  81. Hello,
    I am a computer engineering student, so are there any chance of mine being poster at Ahmedabad location as a belong to ahmedabad so it would be feasible for me !

  82. Hello Dipanjan.
    I graduated in 2012 and then tried for civil services 3 times but i failed at one or the other stages of selection process. I did electrical engineering and i have not worked anywhere in the last 5 years. I am taking ISRO exam next month. I am confident about clearing the exam and i also think i can do well in the interview. I have a strong grip on my core subjects. But i just get this feeling that even if i performed well in the interview they would reject me by looking at the low grades and this gap i have after graduation. Do you i think i have any chance?

    • Hi Saikiran,

      My experience is that the interview process is extremely unbiased which even doesn’t count factors e.g. Masters, job experience etc. Let your assumption, which is false with high probability, prevent you from performing at your peak. Deliver your the best and wait for the result.

  83. Hi DipanJan,

    I have been working as Software Engineer in TCS for last 6 years. I have done M.Tech in Control Systems and have cleared interview on 2011-12 as Scientist in waiting list. Now After 5 years of wait, new notification came from ISAC (Banglore) and have applied for the same.

    Can you please help me out when the call letters will come for us and been waiting for those for a while. If possible plz provide your old colleagues contact information, so that I can contact the person to get latest updates.

    Thanks in Advance,

    Rajesh Losetty,

      • Hi,

        I left ISRO years back. And even I’d be working ISRO, I wouldn’t be able to address your concern. Contact them through proper channel. Giving out contact information without asking them is unethical. Sorry.

        • Thanks for quick updates !!! Appreciated !!

          If I were selected for interview, please let me know whether I would say I have been working as a software employee or say wrong information like have been working as Faculty because I have not mentioned work experience while filling the application.

          Also, tell me If I say working as S/w employee, will it have any negative impact on my interview like board will feel this person may leave organisation at any time like that …

          Rajesh Losetty,

  84. Hi Dipanjan,
    Firstly thanks for the writeup. Really provided a lot of insigts. I have few queries as below:

    Candidate Selected for SCIENTIST/ENGINEER ‘SC’ – COMPUTER SCIENCE [POST No. BE003]

    1. How long after the selction results are declared, is appointment/joining letter sent? Result came on Nov 10,2017. How many days joining letter would usually be sent in?
    2. If a student is currently pursuing M.Tech from IIT , and has got selected in ISRO, is there a provision through which M Tech course be completed and then joining be done at ISRO?
    3. Which ISRO center the joining would be made, is that listed on the appointment letter sent? Is there a candidate preference ISRO seeks ?
    4. Which areas does a CSE candidate selected for SC works on? Is there any preference on the projects/areas to work which can be chosen ?
    5. Are there any seminars/workshops/knowledge development programs across different space research organizations of different countries, where ISRO Scientists are allowed/given opportunity to particiapte in?

    Also, please let me know if there is any FB/Whatsapp group for the selected candidates where information can be shared and exchanged.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

      • Thanks. I’ve gone through the comments above. Could not find answers to below query:

        If a student is currently pursuing M.Tech from IIT , and has got selected in ISRO, is there a provision through which M Tech course be completed and then joining be done at ISRO?

        Can the course still be continued and joined once course completes? Or need to quit the course and join ISRO and then take admission in M Tech course again after completing some tenure at ISRO.

      • Thanks. I’ve gone through the previous comments.

        One query I did not get insigts on are

        If a student is currently pursuing M.Tech from IIT , and has got selected in ISRO, is there a provision through which M Tech course be completed and then joining be done at ISRO?

        If you can share some insights on any such provision, it would be helpful.

  85. Hello Sir,
    I am a student of b.tech civil engineering. I wamt to work at ISRO

    1.what are the departments in which civil engineers are allotted ?

    2.what is the role played by them? Are they directly involved in designing of rockets or the job is underrated?

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