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  1. I am B.Tech CSE (part-time, year 2011) guy. Now my age is 33. Not yet be good at professional side and career. I have been working with a PSU(a contract employee) and then working with a small company. Now I wish to build a nice career . Is doing M.Tech@IIT is good choice for me ? If so can I find a good career from there? What are the opportunities there (consider my age too)? Or try for ISRO job is a good option than MTech? or trying to build an IT career at private sector is good for me ? Your blog says you can guide me..Pls reply..

    • Hi Kittu,

      All three (a) MTech@IIT (b) IT (c) ISRO are promising options, but in different, probably in mutually orthogonal dimensions. Nonetheless, I have arranged the options in decreasing order of financial benefit. Weighing the options against each other, I should say that GATE in CSE has become highly competitive. My intention is not to discourage you, but to help you pick up the very best as well as feasible one for you. Probably, building an IT career is the easiest option for you at the moment as it seems to me. If you work hard, it’s financially rewarding, too. To crack ISRO, again the difficulty is less than nailing down an old IIT through GATE, but you have to be back in academics once again.

      • Thankyou Dipanjan . Also can you please guide me through the following ?

        1) Do CS grads/engineers get good work opportunities(like R&D , software development) at ISRO ? if not , can the department be changed ?

        2) Pursuing M.tech from IIT’s /IISc will give an extra advantage to our career ? As I have heard that M.tech does’nt have much scope from industry point of view .

        P.S. – I am a computer graduate currently working in Infosys .

        • Hi Anish,

          I didn’t find any of my peers to get the opportunity of doing any R&D, in the true sense of the term. As soon as you join, it is way too much to expect to have any control on any impactful decision/process either. I continued for exactly 18 months with ISRO. I am not sure that going down the line after how many years the research opportunity, if any, opens up. Again, I have seen my seniors who are continuing for around 10+ years, but not doing any research work either. The task they accomplish is important beyond doubt. I feel what can thrill someone is to think about the importance of the job itself, setting any innovation-related aspects aside. If you consider software development, as you say, to be a rewarding work, then there are divisions offering an array of challenging tasks to divisions which make you work on absolute ****shit (e.g. internal canteen management system, website management, development of recruitment software and managing internal emailing system).

          If you are not so satisfied, unfortunately the “official” scope of changing divisions is too little. Even if you manage to have it changed, the outcome is very unwelcoming in the sense that the division head of the division you switch from won’t be very happy towards your deeds. I was initially put into such *bogus* (excuse me for opening up and using such strong a word, no intention to hurt anybody but to speak out the truth) a division. After much “fight”, I was able to have it changed. How I changed it is a different internal story altogether, but be assured that the process was not very easy-going.

          Yes, of course pursuing M.Tech at IIT was a big boost to my career. And it is applicable in general to anybody with a decent potential. You have been misinformed about the scope of an IIT M.Tech in IT, especially compared to someone working in Infosys. Please have a look at last year’s placement statistics of IIT Madras. The truth is apparent.

  2. Hi Dipanjan
    thanks for that detailed reply on ISRO , what I have concluded from your reply and other posts is that for a computer science grad one can get much better work in good private product based companies if one manages to crack their interview . Perhaps , that’s why people leave the scientist post at such a reputed institution . Offcourse there might be other reasons also but I am saying from the work satisfaction point of view .

    I have gone through the placements for m.tech (Cs/IT) and yes figures are quite impressive .But what facts mostly concern me are :
    a) Placements for B.tech /M.tech students are done through same process and thus have more competition .?

    b)they might not consider our previous work experience like in MBA placements (both are perpendicularly different fields but saying w.r.t experience point of view ).

    c)Higher salary/designation/other advantages will not be given when compared to freshers who will sit for same company .

    PS: yeah anyhow position will be better than kind of work in Infy/TCS where there is alot of non-engineering kind of work .

    • Hi Anish,

      1. Right you are.
      2. Again, correct. I didn’t find your previous employment to have a big impact in on-campus placement. That might be helpful if you apply off-campus, though. Most of the companies expect to recruit freshers when they visit IIT campus.
      3. Absolutely right.

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