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  1. I am working in software company with 2 months notice period. But this time(april2016) there was only 45 days gap between joining and result . So how would i approach ISRO for the joining extension.
    Plz reply as soon as possible.

    • Hi Ajay,

      When I used to work in TCS, they also had the same length of notice period. However, if I can remember correctly, I could appeal for resignation only around 18 days before the date of joining at ISRO. As per HR policy, I compensated them by an amount equivalent to the number of shortfall in days multiplied by my per day basic salary. That much amount was deducted during my full and final settlement. Once an employee is determined to resign, no company can prevent him/her from taking the decision, no matter what is written on paper. Because, everybody understands that if he/she is made to stay back against his/her will, it’d be very difficult to utilize such “stubborn” a resource. Talk to your immediate supervisor and you will definitely see that there is a way out. That may require monetary compensation, though.

    • If you want extension mail them icrb@isro.gov.in and inform them once by calling icrb . Already many from mech and cs got extension around 1 month. You can ping me your what’s app number. I will add you to 2016 what’s app group. Even you can send request in fb group isro 2016 batch.
      My mobile : 7760328553

      Or you can follow as dipanjan said , you can relieve early by paying basic pay × no.of days early you want to relieve.

  2. Hello,
    I also want to appear in exam for post of scientist sc. I have done MCA. Please let me know if MCA are eligible for appearing in exam???
    I have seen 2016 advertisment.it says btech/be or equivalent degree is required….so is MCA considered equivalent of b.tech???

      • Hi deepa,
        MCA is not equivalent for btech . They recruit MCA graduates for scientist assistants role. You can contact any isro branch recruitment section , they will give clear information than me.

  3. Hi deepa ,
    MCA is not equivalent to btech . ISRO recruits MCA graduates for scientist assistant role . You can call any ISRO centre recruitment section, they can provide you detail info.

  4. Hi Dipanjan/ All,

    I need your kind help on below:

    I am Amit from Hyderabad currently working in TCS for Microsoft Client for past 2 years.
    ISRO exam is scheduled on 3rd July and getting this job is most important to me.

    Being a B.Tech CSE guy, revising syllabus is bit easy for me. But I need your thoughts/ help on:
    1) doing smart preparation to cover all important stuff to clear this exam in next 14 days.

    Please share your approach on preparation so that I won’t end up reinventing the same mistakes again.

    Note: I have taken release from project and can spend full day night on my preparation.

    Waiting for you quick reply. Thanks.


    • Hi Amit,

      Do practice GATE question papers. Solve from end to end. Also, you can consider joining my WhatsApp group to network with fellow members who are also going to write the exam on that day.

  5. Hi Dipanjan,

    I have just received a call letter for the ISRO Scientists/Engineers SC – Industrial Engineering.
    This is my first attempt.
    Please suggest me how to prepare for the interview based on the job application.
    Are they going to ask technical questions?
    Please let me know which subjects i have to prepare for the interview.


    • Hi Likhitha,

      My major doesn’t coincide with yours. So can’t suggest anything useful whatsoever. For CSE, they asked technical questions only, no “canned” HR question asked.

  6. Hi sir,

    I have been selected as scientist/engineer-sc by isro satellite centre.
    Its been 3 weeks since they have announced the results in their website, but i haven’t received the appointment letter yet.
    please let me know the average time they take to send the appointment letter based on your experience.

    Thank you.

  7. Hello Sir, Recently I had my interview for SC-CSE on 30th November 2016 . It was about 20 minutes of interview. And they asked me almost every major subjects in GATE. However , I was able to answer all the questions except the questions from Networking . I got stuck for 3-4 question out of 6 . What do you think will I make it to ISRO , considering your experience with ISRO interview?
    Thank you !

    • Hi Sachin,

      Any intake process is relative, your chance depends on how other have performed. So keep patience and keep your fingers crossed! Hope to hear back good news from you soon.

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